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  • greglnewman greglnewman Oct 16, 2012 12:24 AM Flag

    Tappin is creating excitement among analysts and photographers and musicians and reporters on Twitter

    ArthurJNewman 61,438 followers Wall Street analyst, financial planner, loving father & husband.

    Arthur is just one of many new followers of Tappin. Tappin is owned by ... Globalscape. I imagine just one twit from him, if he happens to see something he likes, either as an investment or as to use the technology, would be good for Globalscapers one way or the other. Just following Tappin doesn't mean you need to go buy shares and wait for him to write up the stock. You can do that if you can see the future, like I can, but otherwise, I wouldn't recommend that as your general practice. Why I mention him is #1 he's a fellow Newman. Now that that is out of the way, the other reason is that I like how he thinks, and he thinks he wants to follow Tappin. I happen to enjoy speculating what might happen if he does one tweet about Tappin.

    There's also: Christopher Levinson 106,632 followers Administrator for Vititoe Law Group (prior firm - Masry & Vititoe). Jim Vititoe is depicted in the film Erand Brockavich. I am glad someone like this is following our Tappin. does it mean the stock is going to go up? Not per say, no. It does, however, mean that if Christopher decides to tell all his friends on t w itterr about Tappin, a heck of a lot of influential people are going to read about it.

    Since there'as almost no way to tell you all the names and number of followers , let me just say that Tappin has gained an immensse following on ttwwiiitterrrr and that have over 10,000 folowers. Now all they have to do is see something they like in it that they want to twdiddle about or whatever they call it, and you got a chain reaction. I went to

    I went to some of their own sites to see who followed these people who follow Tappin and you got a ton of reporters following reporters, you got a ton of photo experts following these photo experts, you got a ton of analysts, penny stockers, wall streeters following Newman, on and on, so that's enough the to almost get excited aboutd. The day, if it comes, that tappin, has this enormous news, I would say, one of them, at least some of them, will send out posts about it on their networks. Youwant to keep up with these people. I would post a list of them all but you have to come over to the other boards to read it. Here they want to protect you f from the truth. So go over to raging bull board for gsb and I'll have it over the re for you. I hope.

    Freedom of speech!

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    • You can look up these names that follow tappin, and I will write it this way: name and number of followers, so

      pagan 62540 tracks info sharing in art, business, science, social media and tech, writes to ken kaminesky 59810 who is a lifestyle and travel photographer, along with cinnamon carter 57282 who likes science culture tech and various random cool things. There's 50 Tyson 54476 who is a musician, and a crazy penny stock 52341, and michael vallez 35652 who likes apps of developers and gets the news out for them especially for iphone/ipad/android geared to indie developers, if you follow what I mean. There's a guy called sales drive 29654 who does that, drives sales; and the cheif researcher for National Geographic, Marilyn_Res 26718; and you might like Jeff Kiernan 25998 who does news for dedicated servers, cloud hosting, dta center news and rates these things. Steve Robertson 35768 similaraly does cloud web hosting reviews, cloud servers, cloud computing and cloud storage. All of this of course relates directly to Globalscape and Tappin because these are their areas of expertise. You've got Denis_stewart 18900 with her intl directory of social media out of new york; and a favorite of mine along with Newman is RalphGibsonJr 14320 who is a senior global equities analyst out of new york.

      I like these because of themselves and the birds of a feather that follow them. I remember how when one word spoken by Katie Couric launched a startup business recently. What one good word spoken at the right time can do is amazing. I believe Tappin and Globalscape's time is coming very soon.

      There's a lot of photography experts with large followings who themselves follow tappin. The natl geo gal is one key example. When I started to see that happening, it helped shape my awareness that tappin is gaining strong acceptance among the professional photographers who know what's going on, who are on the cutting, leading edge. You have to like the strategy being employed by tappin and globalscape to market their big mobile technology. I recommend you review the followers of tappin at least the big ones on the bird site. Just go to the home page, look at the bootttom. I imagine the face site also may have some interest, maybe the plus site also. You want to know who likes your company, your investment. helps you see what is real or not.

      It was good to see QNAP and ESET following tappin, don't you think? Not one person last summer would have guessed this would happen. Lol. I think minds are still trying to graft that knowledge into their brains. I know I am.

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      • Another TappIn by Globalscape follower has 64,000 followers. Hoffman. He's a husband, friend, guitarist, teacher, photographer, blogger, SEO, internet marketing, social media, and business coach. That means he can teach music, play music, share lessons and music that is, is into social media and business uses/technologies, shares his photography and blogs. That's what you call sharing the love.

        I was checking Tappin's following. Today the thought was, it won't be long till they have 50,000 and up followers. I figure so because I'm prejudiced for them, #1, so I'm gonna think that way. But I got some valid reasons. Just to share one of the valid reasons, I figure so also because leaders are the ones that others follow. Both social media leaders are coming to follow TappIn, and as they follow, those who follow them will follow suit. In that same vein, call it the same, so I won't feel I'm belaboring the points, looking at the users of TappIn, one independent source says, It's users tend to have postgraduate educations; and those are, again, another form of leaders. (I had a few with Master's degrees as professors, but never any with just Bachelor's. It was mostly Doctors and Masters.) This all may seem insignificant on a day with 3,000 in volume, but over time, they spread the word, share the love. and I am glad to see them following Globalscape's TappIn.

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