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  • greglnewman greglnewman Oct 19, 2012 12:09 AM Flag

    I had to add more followers to Tappin tonight. Got this heads up here from one a minute ago.

    iPhone Beats Outlook As Top Email Client, As Mobile Overtakes Desktop!

    The new follower of TappIn is called Email Marketing and their ID is optinlists. So I followed a link of theirs about this story on the iPhone as an email client versus the top email clients. First thought, glad TappIn is so major involved with the iPhone. Second thought, glad email is such a big market for Globalscape with Mail Xpress & Outlook, and looks probable to see the use of TappIn with email connectors, or does it do that already. Whether or not it does, what it does connect to is iPhones that do. I get the feeling we'll have developments along these lines because our companies are in the right place for it with the right tools. Lastly, the title mentions both iPhone and Outlook, and we are involved with both of them.

    Looking at the last PR from TappIn about the professional edition, I find this statement, "creating a go-to service for remote access to all content regardless of where it resides." That gives me confidence to say we'll be seeing a connector to emails through TappIn. Found it:

    There are no limits to the number of content sources you can connect to your TappIn account. We say content sources because you can access and share from your computers/servers (Windows, Mac or Linux), NAS Devices (network attached storage like Seagate and QNAP), TappIn's 'OnTapp' Cloud Storage, your Salesforce account (other SaaS apps coming soon), Globalscape's EFT Server or even custom webDAV storage areas.

    other SaaS apps coming soon. I'm gonna trust they know which ones come first and when to connect to email services, which ones of those first. Whatever it is, first things first. G'nite all.

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