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  • magnum7419 Oct 23, 2012 4:43 PM Flag

    Where's appshield ?

    "The appShield solution is in final development and testing prior to beta release. We expect to release appShield to the market
    before the end of 2012"

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    • Globalscape filled in their home page with some of their current customers' logos.

      The logos used to scroll across the screen. These are laid out in fixed style.

      I see Microsoft logo. Each quarter the news on them during the GSB conference call just got better. Expecting to hear more this call in Q&A and/or presentation. They were pretty excited about it on the last call, remember?

      I see DELL there. Their stock has been down a while, but they are very resilient. There's debate on the value of PC's in such a mobile market now but who wants to type on a mobile phone at work when you can use a PC/Mac. It's all transitioning stuff. They work with so much avantgarde stuff, like with Nasa and Rackspace on openstack.

      IBM figures prominently on the page as well. Would like to see some press with them and Globalscape/TappIn/AppShield/EFT Server. Let's turn them from a customer to a partner. Yep. Let get all those guys on Tappin networks as well.

      HP, don't want to leave them out. It also must be on their partner list with the above companies for working with TappIn. Another stable Globalscape relation.

      SONY ought to be a great fit for TappIn. They are such a major media company it 'plays' right into Tappin technology for sharing that same media effectively and easily, securely and conveniently. Yes, let's turn them to a partner as well. All of these here.

      Looking forward to the call. Let's hear more good stuff on Microsoft and the rest of these if possible, individually or in their groups. I believe it's fairly obvious these are companies they have stable, long-term relations with. They need to open the partnership door when they are at their offices next time. Get the ball rolling.

      I'm curious on the current partnerships with Tappin, the known ones, the unannounced ones. And AppShield discussion as well. That's gotta be almost ready now where we are on the calendar; Thursday is Nov 1. This last beta for it goes out now also to external sources like industry media sources. I can't wait to put the thing on my computer. Lol.

      This should get some here excited, to do with appshield == If ESET were to promote it along with Tappin as a complementary product with their own awesome antivirus package, think about that one over coffee. It's such a natural fit and people are thinking that way when they go to the site for antivirus. I believe, I have no doubt, they're gonna do it. Sell appShield for us. I haven't heard any of us mention that possibility, but they are a big partner of ours now with the secure file mobile access solution and I think they'll be doing it with A/S as well. Natural fit.

      Here I wait with bated breath and whispering humbleness.

    • From the conference call on August 9

      The appShield beta program will proceed in three phases with each phase allowing us to extend the number of users and obtain broader feedback. Later this month, we will be releasing appShield beta to a number of internal users who will have varying degrees and levels of technical skill and application use profiles.
      After roughly 30 days, we intend to broaden the beta program to include additional internal and some external users. Finally, we will introduce appShield beta to select customers, industry partners and possibly the press, technical publications and test laboratories prior to releasing the solution for a general availability.

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      • Well, they say it right there, don't they. "Finally, we will introduce appShield beta to select customers, industry partners ...." in their last beta phase. That's what I'm talking about. They've got all these major customers, for one, right within appShield's key industries, very specific to them. Both to use the product and to market it for us. Plus they have the right partners in the same vein, very specific industries of appShield.

        Don't you want to see the list of these customer & partner enterprises getting the final beta version of AppShield? I shore do. I shore do. This comes along with a lot of synergies already in place for us for it. We have some pleasant surprises in store for everyone. As they say, pleasantly surprised. Yes, that fits. And that's all I'm gonna say. A word to the wise is sufficient.

        For early money, this stock is a buy. It's just not easy to get a lot of shares without the price going up. It's gonna be a good Christmas. Thanksgiving almost upon us. One month away. Kicks off the holiday shopping sprees. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and all that, coming soon. Let's put a TappIn and an AppShield float in that parade. Can we do that, guys? And here come the TappIn float, with the TappIn dancers, Tappin on the giant smartphones. Tap dancin'.

        Have a good one.

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