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  • fkwerjksje fkwerjksje Oct 26, 2012 2:54 PM Flag


    Being a holder of GSB shares(roughly 7 years)and seeing you post with such optimisum I am wondering what your thoughts are as to why GSB is so in the weeds?.Yesterday we trade zero shares today not much better at 800 as I type?

    Is it your opinion that management is doing a good job of getting their word out?I want so bad to believe in GSB's story AND direction but it just blows my mind why we are such "a hidden gem",as a large shareholder yourself do you honestly feel JM is serving you as best as could be expected?

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    • Yes, he's part of the whole, so we got the board, management, advisors all working together how to do it this time. Wall Street waits on numbers; I think those that do know of us see the improvements in the company. What we need is for the numbers to come in, with sales, earnings, cash flow increases that get picked up in the investor screens, in CAPS, with stock newsletters. Nothing generates excitement like money coming in.

      We're at the tipping point. Rev increases are upon us. The move into TappIn is a major strategic event designed to dramatically increase the future net worth of Globalscape. That looks good. Pro version is out in time to make a difference this year, maybe even get them the bonus for revs. The integration and enhancement of the product and its partners is going well. Increasing sales is what I think the most people want to see, whether they are current shareholders or future prospects, and he seems to be doing all the right things running the ship so that sales growth expands strongly.

      I do wish we saw him out more doing presentations, but he's gonna be talking to people who don't understand the products or their value ahead, but they will understand by themselves alone what improved numbers mean, so he's needs to have good numbers growth to do much more presenting than he is doing. I guess I mean, if he follows his course he's on, and grows this company, he'll have more than enough to handle with new investors wanting to hear, coming to them to hear, calling to them to find out. Until the tipping point moves a little further, and the rush to buy is on, building their operations to build revenue increases is creating built-in leverage by the day. Slovenia is #1 today, Netherlands #2. S Africa #8 I think. Somebody's working over there for us lately. He's building out the empire infrastructure and partner network and his workforce to do just that. He's putting springboards, trampolines, pole vaults in place. Positioning his surfers to catch the big waves. Netherlands is a very smart move. Big financiers, big money there. South America & Mexico is smart. etc. We have a lot of room to expand, even into a contracting economy or markets because we just got such cool products, baby. That Tappin and that Appshield are outta sight!

      But to go out to the big dances with new shareholders, to promote the stock, the band we need playing there is called Money Growth. Perhaps you heard of them? Booker T and the MG's?

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