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  • javamug13 javamug13 Nov 13, 2012 5:33 PM Flag

    appShield Flatline

    Should we anticipate a selloff? It was probably a pipe dream to begin with. ie nudging in on the big boys' territory.

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    • Maintenance & Support (M&S) revenue was not modest though. It increased 51% year over year. Last year's Q3 M&S was $2 million. This year's Q3 M&S was $3 million.

      They just need to keep themselves on track and not let the CT sale derail them. I was once introduced at an investor seminar by a CT exec as 'a blogger'. I thought, I measure my holdings in terms of percentages of the companies he looks to for investments in his and he introduces me as a blogger? Lol. What is with people. What is with people. I do NOT know. Lol. So this does not surprise me at all.

      I would just go focus on what their core business including Tappin is gonna do for now and hope they can add to that by developing appShield themselves. There are other people in God's green earth that can do a better job at it than CT or Lumension either one. They need to find him or her and hire them.

      A. Blogger

    • You can bet you will see a selloff,just ONCE I would like to end a confrence call with a good taste in my mouth.Bonehead move with coretrace and management is held accountable for how that deal was structured and ENDED!

    • Not calling a bottom, but buyers historically step in the 1.80's. As far as Coretrace, I can't believe GSB has to write off the notes receivables. CoreTrace must have been broke. If CoreTrace was a publicly traded company - it would have been a disaster for shareholders. To GSB's credit, they always have had a sound balance sheet.

      In the absence of the CoreTrace debacle, the return to profability is here (albeit not much), we have modest growth in sales and deferred revenue, and Tappin revenue could be material in 2013. I am giving management until Q2 2013 to show meaningful progress with their business plan. If not, I am out.

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