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  • BYGYTF BYGYTF Aug 6, 1998 2:54 PM Flag

    Heard that DLJ...

    Mr. Rig,

    I don't know about your rumour,
    but if you look at today's intraday action, it looks
    like somebody has decided that they want this stock.
    The volume is quite high today, and the first big
    round of buying came in to take it up from the day's
    low - bold or stupid... There were a few other mass
    purchases that came in on dips and finally enough to push
    it into positive territory for the day. Couldl be a
    positive sign?

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    • You are right ... todays action in SEV looks like
      accumulation. The technical guys who calculate on balance
      volume (OBV) like stocks that fall on low volume and
      rise on big volume. That has been SEV's pattern over
      the past few weeks.

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      • As I have noted before, the action seems to be
        typical of a shakedown. While at the same time, the
        options are trading in very strange ways
        (deep-in-the-money and large size). Somebody is unloading their
        stock but not their commitment to owning SEV? I'm not
        sure what to make of it, but I believe the stories
        about DLJ referred to in an earlier message. They are
        there to "promote" this stock and are accumulating. Yes
        I know - we keep hearing the same thing while the
        stock dives, but going down to the breakeven level (for
        bondholders) of $11 today seems too easy and CORRUPT! We will
        see if enough towels have been thrown in. This stock
        is being manipulated VERY WELL - mark my words.

    • I suppose comet would think I'm stupid but I
      increased my holdings in SEV early this morning even though
      it was still heading south,turned out to be good
      move.Called SEV today but office was very busy,had the
      feeling something was going on,maybe just alot of worried
      shareholers trying to get some reassurance,seems they may
      have gotten a little looking at todays volume and
      uptick.HEY comet I could smell Bre-x a mile away,did you?

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