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  • Oil_Rig Oil_Rig Aug 5, 1998 2:16 PM Flag

    Heard that DLJ...

    I understand that DLJ brokers (I am assuming in
    NY) have gone to their "wealthy" clients in NY to
    fill-up with more SEV at these levels. This was part of
    some internal memo on various stocks today. I am not a
    client of that group!

    Would appreciate any
    confirmation from DLJ clients since it is probably public
    knowledge by now...

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    • CNBC and Im sure Bloomberg both reported that one of the more recognized oil analyst recommended buying oil stocks. Mobil was his most recommended.

    • nice day longs... hey speed, no prob on previous
      message... heff's just getting back some investment... time
      to climb folks. i'm looking for it settle back in
      above 15 for the weekend... good luck to all.

    • Does anyone have good info on the price moves of
      the past 2 days? Note Harken has also moved nicely.
      While SEV dropped more sharply over the past 5 days it
      is gaining on HEC today and about even with HEC over
      the past 2 days. Of course, we have a long way to go
      to get back to the high of $27.

    • Obviously you do not stay away because here you are posting slogans and no facts.

    • every single week there is another lousy
      excuse for this stock. Shorts covering.
      price of oil,
      block trades, big announcements,
      convertible stock
      creating overhang.
      usually when a story changes over
      every day by the week. I stay away!!!!
      this is a
      small position for duquesne anyway
      and they are
      probably hedged. This is a story
      with serious flaws.
      Insiders were selling a while ago, excuse for that
      good luck

    • Greedy cretins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree with your assessment. Day trading is
      probably the way to do it right now with SEV, but I
      must've spent an hour today watching the whipsaw work and
      I have a day job. Bought at 18 sold at a loss.
      First loss on a trade in over 15 years, but the sale
      allows me to cancel capital gains earlier in the year
      and move into another oil stock which has been
      similarly pounded but not showing manipulative action. I
      put my money over on UTI Energy. Oil Well Service
      companies have taken a similar pounding, and this company
      has fallen a greater percentage off of 52 week high
      than SEV, sells below book, low debt and earning were
      released yesterday-up 75%. SEV has deep hole upside but
      numerous downsides. Earnings for SEV is due out next week.
      Two quarters ago, surprise was -300%. Couldn't
      stomach that in the short term. Real play is the price of
      oil. I felt better shifting into something with
      comparable upside longterm with 18 month horizon, yet lower
      risk. I've stayed long on HEC with a smaller investment
      and have a few Nov. Triton calls that I bought after
      it crashed, so I haven't abandoned the area
      completely. Good luck to the rest of the longs on SEV!!!

    • I'm not complaining....just observing. "so,he
      sold a little pre-drill in case they were
      what?" Just for the record...old oilboys close to the
      seen know that this is a mother lode...I would think
      that Hef knows as well. Insider Sales on this one
      don't bother me on this play. Especially in light of
      the fact that Egolf, Whitehead, Soros have not sold.
      Hef just had to buy some viagra....and he's stupid in
      the way he operates within a public company. He
      does'nt truly understand what his sales do to an image.

    • Mr. Rig,

      I don't know about your rumour,
      but if you look at today's intraday action, it looks
      like somebody has decided that they want this stock.
      The volume is quite high today, and the first big
      round of buying came in to take it up from the day's
      low - bold or stupid... There were a few other mass
      purchases that came in on dips and finally enough to push
      it into positive territory for the day. Couldl be a
      positive sign?

      • 2 Replies to BYGYTF
      • I suppose comet would think I'm stupid but I
        increased my holdings in SEV early this morning even though
        it was still heading south,turned out to be good
        move.Called SEV today but office was very busy,had the
        feeling something was going on,maybe just alot of worried
        shareholers trying to get some reassurance,seems they may
        have gotten a little looking at todays volume and
        uptick.HEY comet I could smell Bre-x a mile away,did you?

      • You are right ... todays action in SEV looks like
        accumulation. The technical guys who calculate on balance
        volume (OBV) like stocks that fall on low volume and
        rise on big volume. That has been SEV's pattern over
        the past few weeks.

    • Oil Rig, the message is getting pretty old. You
      have been singing the praises of SEV for so long now.
      It looks like the big boys made their money and are
      leaving the little guys in the dust. That's the way it
      usually goes.

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