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  • hardluck63 hardluck63 Sep 14, 1998 11:29 PM Flag

    RTQ $12

    If you a disatisfied with the information you are
    getting or not getting from SEV why don't you call up
    Herb Williamson and voice your disapproval with not
    hearing the news from him first. If SEV would issue
    releases sooner you would not see the info. showing up on
    the board as rumors. I have voiced my concern to him
    about the problem and if more of you would call they
    might get the message. Could be SEV doesn't want to
    become release happy like some other E&P companies and
    loose the value in their releases. I think they are a
    long way from that.
    Oh and just between me and you
    they are planning another......., oh I forgot you
    didn't like speculation. I don't want to be accused of

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