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  • hardluck63 hardluck63 Sep 8, 1998 10:07 AM Flag

    RTQ $12


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    • are your messages posted to scare us or make us think you are the internet "cop". Go search some where else, if we know so much,how come we are all losing money holding long!

    • If you a disatisfied with the information you are
      getting or not getting from SEV why don't you call up
      Herb Williamson and voice your disapproval with not
      hearing the news from him first. If SEV would issue
      releases sooner you would not see the info. showing up on
      the board as rumors. I have voiced my concern to him
      about the problem and if more of you would call they
      might get the message. Could be SEV doesn't want to
      become release happy like some other E&P companies and
      loose the value in their releases. I think they are a
      long way from that.
      Oh and just between me and you
      they are planning another......., oh I forgot you
      didn't like speculation. I don't want to be accused of

    • Well Monday came and we did get an announcement.
      You are right, these ole boys are apparently in the
      know. Maybe the regulators will have more than a
      passing interest in this. These guys are unbelievably
      blatant. Now we have a guy touting new banking reports
      "being prepared". What a group of geniouses!!

    • It may be that your shorthand was understood by most readers, or it may be I am more comfortable asking what could be seen to be dumb questions.

    • Tex,I used to own SEV but bailed about a month
      ago after becoming convinced that this stock is on an
      uneven playing field. I accept that almost any stock has
      some degree of inside information leaked and some
      degree of unfair profit. The difference with SEV is that
      the stock price actually moves ahead of the average
      investor (not just a percent or two but big time).
      Friday's downside on no news amid just about every other
      oil equity increase, now mixed with notes on
      Connecticut investors, dry holes and the like, make this a
      setup. You will get assurances from some of the others
      that these are just rumors because they do not want
      SEC attention. I, for one, don't want to bother with
      that, but moved my money onto better equities. With Oil
      equities at historic lows, why put your money at risk on
      this one? By the way, I'm not short. I got out of this
      stock entirely but sometimes monitor this thread
      because I own some related stocks. The shame of this post
      is that I help the shorters that are moving the
      stock. It was a dilemna to post.

    • I think Golf1239 got your furnace fired up. I
      reviewed my last ten posts to see what "Insider
      information" I was allegedly posting.Suggest you read my post
      no 945 with reference to the word "Assume". If I had
      insider information as you imply, I have done a sorry job
      of capitalizing on it since my purchases were at
      $12, $14 and $17. As previously stated, I am in the
      oil business on the technical side, as are some of
      the others.This board is lucky because we do not mind
      sharing our "Educated" guesses with other members. Relax
      a are making Golf1239's day. I also
      suggest you call SEVand complain about their lack of
      timely pressreleases......that way you and I would not
      have to worry so much about what is on the board.
      Lastly, I am not a SEV employee, have never worked for
      them (Or GHK) or in association with them.

    • I think you have to accept the information on
      this board just as it is, speculation. I have never
      posted information that I said was fact. I think if the
      man. would start putting out the information that is
      availible in a timely manner we would not see all of this
      information leaked out over time.
      Why do Hefner and
      Williamson feel that they need to run the company as one big
      "tight hole"? We have all of the acreage tied up
      covering most of the field. They should have and could
      have issued a release on the hiring of the two new
      people in drilling and completion 10 days ago and
      included the information on the 4e. By waiting those ten
      days the rumors finally started to come forward. They
      could have included info. on the 3e drilling through
      the pay and proceeding into the repeat section. But
      they continually choose to wait until the info. leaks
      out and then they release it. It is their job to
      release infomation. That is why when I heard the "rumor"
      on the 4e 10 days ago I did not post it.
      So I
      think you should direct your feelings of being left out
      in the cold on information to SEV.

    • With all the lying, misleading statements,
      deception, etc.
      coming out of Washington in this day and
      age, can you
      believe ANYthing you ever hear or
      read again, and believe
      it? Like SEV's announcement
      coming out tomorrow a.m. for

      Oilperson ;-)

    • Some sure seem tied to the deal, or people close
      to it. If the rumors come true and the source was
      close to the kitchen, well we will see wont we. Are you
      or your friends connected with employees or
      representatives of the company??? What is your and for example
      Rockman's source of all these rumors??? These opinions are
      sure stated as a matter of fact. Keep on spewing big

    • On a board like this, EVERYTHING should be taken
      for what it's worth (what you're paying for it). You
      incorrectly describe it as "material" information. Since
      nobody can verify any of this until after the fact, you
      can only consider its value after it's too late to

      Don't you think stocks move on rumors just as they do
      on facts?
      Everything on this type of board is a


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