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  • redwhite35 redwhite35 Dec 8, 2008 4:21 AM Flag

    Last Week To See If My Calls Will Produce

    It's do or die time for my 75 DEC Calls. So far I've doubled my money on them, but I don't think I'll get any profit on this trade and could possibly lose money on it. The market is desperate to rally on anything and I've seen this before. On Friday I will close my position with either a gain or loss and look to get another entry point for January. I just don't see this rally holding up forever. Even in a full-blown bull market stocks don't go up everyday. There are profit taking days and full blown pull-backs. This is why this rally is nothing but BS on light volume. New money chasing bad stocks. My signal was right tho. This stock hit a high of 61 and those who day traded it would have made a good chunk of money. I bought my calls when ERY was in the 30's and it's done nothing but go up since then. Had I been focused, that trade would have made me 6x's my money as the calls hit 6.41, but this month is not about the markets, it's about family. So, you IDIOTS who like to bash me need to get a life and know that I trade knowing I can lose all the money. It's a percentage game. I put on 3 trades and I only need to be right on one. My next trade is going to be on GLD, as I wait to buy January calls as DEC 29th could be a day to remember if the comex does default. Calls have gotten cheaper as gold has gone down. I will wait until the week of the 22nd of DEC before I make that trade. For now I shall just sit back and watch how they take stocks higher on nothing but hope......

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