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  • rebeldoe rebeldoe Sep 25, 2007 4:48 PM Flag

    Why does the street love this company as much as it does?

    NO this stock is worth 29.08. I would like to buy yours at 25.00. That is IF you have any.

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    • How sadly misguided "truthsfifth" is.

      "Democrats hate coal-fired power". What an empty reason to give to justify his bitterness he did not get on-board (no pun intended) and make great $$$ on GWR as I and many others did. I know Democrats are generally more concerned with the problems of pollution and global warming than GOP members such as Dick "Big Oil" Cheney but to say they hate coal-fired plants, nonsense. Also many Democrats "hate" the Bush/Cheney neo-con quagmire er war in Iraq, is it ending any time soon? No it isnt just as coal using electic plants arent gonna close in the short or mid term future. Truthsfifth's predictions of bad times ahead for GWR are born of jealousy and raised on a diet of disinformation.

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