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  • redsox_octopus redsox_octopus Sep 12, 2012 8:48 PM Flag

    Split after RRA clearance?

    Does anyone think that maybe after clearance of the RRA merge by the STB, that G&W will offer a 3:2 split (2:1 if over say $75)? Long-term holder here and think thhis merge can work/integrate well (position 1350 sh., buyer of 600 in 2003).

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    • I sincerely doubt at this pt that with this dilution, careful as it was, that the stock can go higher. I came to this site to see if there was any interest in GWR. They diluted owners in order to buy a company that looks as if it will slow earnings growth. comments? Am I wrong on this? Getting taken out of RA is nice, but GWR looks like they are paying a lot at the peak of the cylce. At least GWR is getting a hellaofaprice at the offering table. Note that CEO Fuller is feeding at the table as well. $15,000,000 is a nice pay day for him, if not his shareholders.

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      • I have been a shareholder since 2001, with a cost of about $9 a share. I have sold off some shares over the years to diversify, but the shares are parked in ROTH account so that profitability is of less importance.
        There are some very good synergies with some of the RA holdings - The TP&W with GWR's Illinois holdings, in the Ohio area, in the Oregon area, New England and the AGR with the M & B and CAGY in Mississippi and Alabama. Hopefully, GWR will learn how to get in the trash hauling business - it may not pay much but it is steady business. Also maybe they might be able to swap off some these once a week - two man operations.
        Some of you may think that this stock is not going up very much, but if you read the mice type in the announcements you will see that there is an expectation that the GWR share price will hit $100 in the next couple of years.
        As for stock splits, which would you rather have - ten $10 bills or five $20 bills? Take a look at ISRG prices. Being a $500 stock has not caused any problems.

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