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  • stemcellup stemcellup Jul 24, 2007 6:53 PM Flag

    Same old Crap!!! No News on the FINAL PROXY

    I know, I know, it takes time to be certified etc.... All you white proxy voters don't come out yelling!!! You asked for this shit!!! No change. Did you expect anything??? Where is the new plan from the BOD or Mercedes??? Or is it the same plan??? Oh ya, what is the same plan? Does anyone know??? They added 5000 measly accounts world wide in 2 quarters!!!!! You voted for this????? Less than 5% growth per quarter. Less than 20% over the year??? What are they going to do? I know another price increase!!!!! And then that will slow down the clients #'s again. They must have been all used car sales men and woman on the sales team!!!! This sucks!!! ALL YOU LOSERS WHO VOTED WHITE, YOU NOW GET WHAT YOU DESERVE FOR BEING COMPLETE ASSES!!! OH YA!!! THANKS FLIP!!!! SHIT the market cap is barely over 18 million. The real estate, equipment, and 140,000 accounts must be worth more than that!!!! We can't even trade at book value!!!!! Mercedes you suck!!!! SUE MEEE!!!! WASTE MORE MONEY!!!!!

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