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  • LisaCand LisaCand Aug 6, 1999 1:46 PM Flag

    MM's shorting this..TAKE PROFITS n RUN!


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    • Just watching a few stocks get crucified in what
      I refer to as "silly" season. That's the last few
      weeks of the year when investors (? ) go directly to
      the 4th C with, " Ohhhhhhhh my gosh, I need to save
      some taxes". The 4 Cs that investors go through
      regarding ownership of shares in a company that has been
      disappointing are Complacency, Concern, Consternation and then
      CAPITULATION. Under 3 FARO is very, very tempting to add to my
      significant position. OK you convinced me to buy more. Thanks

    • It seems Simon Raab bought 81,500 shares at $4.95
      avg. price.$403.6k on the open market in
      Can find no evidence he sold any.I'm hanging long at
      least to q2 2000 to be there when what he knows comes


    • Absolutely no posts for over a month. A look
      behind the numbers reveals very strong orders near the
      end of last quarter. Many shipments forced into Q4.
      Dollars to doughnuts, the 4th Q could be the best of the
      year with revenues in the $34-36MM range. According to
      locals, lots of demo activity going on in Lake Mary as
      customers and potential customers bring existing
      products,as well as those in development,into the company's
      facilities for extensive testing of Faro's inspection
      equipment. Cash position remains strong. Look for dramatic
      ramp up in sales in Q1 as the new marketing team
      begins to gel.

    • Dear fellow "Cracker",companies with the
      following characteristics are to be savored. Sure they
      don't always work, but the odds are greatly on your
      side. Even when they don't work, they become very
      attractive to others. They just take patiennnnnnnce!!!!! 1)
      Few shares outstanding so that a substantial increase
      in sales as a result of a successful transition to
      the new product line will be magnified in the bottom
      line. 2)Alreadye earns approx. 60% gross margins during
      this difficult period; 3) Tremendous growth
      opportunity from just mining its existing base of customers
      more effectively; 4) Very strong balance sheet -- no
      debt with a $1 or more of cash/sh. 5) a mgt. that has
      already spent more than 10 yrs. developing a world class
      product that has uses well beyond exploited markets; 6)
      cheap, by any standard, relative to potential earning
      power;etc. Sorry if I sound like a shill for the co. I am
      not. Those are just the facts. Finally, there are so
      many investors out there looking for turnarounds with
      the potential of 4-5 baggers. I don't think it will
      take long for this one to move once confidence in the
      persistency of earnings growth is revived. Maybe I am wrong,
      but I will put this situation up against most
      Internet stocks for the ability to generate future
      personal gains. If you know of any others with similar
      characteristics, please reply. I'm trying to create a portfolio of
      similar type names.

    • the coffin.


    • FARO can't even get thier books straight. I want those guys running my company. NOT!!!!

    • Yasha, send me your DATEK tricks at

    • FARO seems to be caught in the twilight zone.
      Friday it jumped up so high, with many times the normal
      volume. Now it just hangs there at $5/sh. No one is
      buying, no one is selling, so the price hangs constant.

    • Dear Yasha,
      I was trying to figure that out
      the other day. Under E*trade, when you go the
      transaction, you select the Sell Short click box, but Datek
      has no such feature. Please drop me a line at if you don't mind. Also any trick to get shares
      when they are tight would be


    • LAKE MARY, Fla., Aug. 10 (dbusiness) -- Investor
      interest in Faro Technologies continues, waning only
      slightly since last Friday�s run sent the stock soaring 60

      Last Tuesday, the measuring equipment manufacturer
      reported that new orders had cut second-quarter losses
      more than 90 percent. Expecting to see black ink,
      though, an analyst for Raymond James and Assoc.
      downgraded his recommendation from �strong buy� to


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