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  • chadparma Oct 30, 2007 10:00 AM Flag

    GPIC to soar today..BUY or HOLD what you got


    GPIC is taking off today and is on the start of a major uptrend...BUY more or hold what you do have...I am buying more!!!

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    • CC -

      VWPT does seem to have a very interesting product line and one that they are growing through acquisition. FWIW, getting your opinion as a 'VWPT Bull' is part of my DD. I can respect your opinion without always agreeing with it. So far I made the right decision with VWPT to wait and watch.

      As for VNX/EGT, you are correct - dilution is still a concern of mine which is one of the reasons that I did not buy (and missed out on the runup that you have enjoyed), but so far significant dilution does not seem to have affected the EGT PPS in any way since the acquisition by Elixir. It is my opinion that a company which does not/has never generated bottom-line profits justifies a market Cap of $400M or there abouts (we will know the actual Market Cap is after 15th). I have been wrong on EGT in the past and may continue to be wrong. Ya can't pick 'em all. We all have to follow our own individual instincts and disciplines. Having said that, congrats to you on a nice bull run with EGT.

      Re: praying for GPIC, you are not alone. ;-)

    • Chance of delisting: zero I saw you asked this question on the vwpt bb several weeks or months ago. You really going to rely on what anyone on this bb says re "chance of delisting" ?

      Like I said, keep praying for gpic. My post was meant for pj and anyone else who wants to do the due dilly and make an independent decision re an internet marketing company focused on rich media who has inked agreements with Adobe, MSFT, Goog, Fox, AOL, DGIT who owns 15% of the company. As their ceo said on the cc, those agreements validate the superiority of vwpt technology in this niche. EVERYone agrees the $$ that are going to be spent on rich media online advertisement is growing exponentially (online advertising is growing but rich media online ads are growing exponentially). It is pretty clear to me that vwpt is one of the companies that is going to reap the benefits big time.

      I also posted I expected a RS - but not until revenues 'support' the pps.

      Re I recall that was a major concern you had with VNX also..............

      Sorry to intrude on the gpic board. Just trying to help you folks make a few $$ as I tried with vnx.

      btw, pj, we have a private bb for vwpt. If interested send me an email.


    • CC -

      I've been watching VWPT since you recommended it at 1.06 a while ago. The Springbox aquisition seems to be a good aquisition but also entered into a 15M share (+4M share warrant private palcement). A significant % increase over the 76M share float.

      I understand that if the price does not break 1.00 by March 17 for 10 consecutive days then it will be delisted.

      Even though Springbox will bring in some much needed top line revs, in your opinion, what is the likelyhood of VWPT getting delisted before that new income stream can be realized as accretive to the bottom line?

    • pj,
      check out vwpt q3 earning release yesterday (nothing special as expected), and CHECK OUT CC CALL FOLLOWING. Then check out M's reaction.

      $5 - $ 10 gg (Actually will be a multiple of this after RS which I think will happen at some future date.)

      Good luck to the rest of the blind fools praying for gpic.

      Last post, pj, re vwpt. Just extending a courtesy/wake up call.


    • pj making money on this short? :-(

      check your email...

    • Well at least SOMEBODY on this MB is making money on GPIC....good call PJ.

    • Sure I learned a lesson from my VNX short disaster:

      "Don't short more than forty thousand shares."

      I have applied this lesson to GPIC.


    • Scarry stuff PJ. I think kidecar is right! didnt you learn you lesson from VNX? UGH

    • got the fill yesterday at 10.85

    • I shall dutifully add to my position at 10.95 (if I can get a fill).

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