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  • coolcatnip_44115 coolcatnip_44115 Aug 10, 2012 11:32 AM Flag

    Gabelli still a large shareholder in NFG..

    America's energy harvesting technologies and producer are a no brainer for uture growth and opportunity...

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    • Gabelli still a large shareholder in NFG.
      And I bet now he wishes he never bought this POS...

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Who cares about Gabelli. The guy road up the 1982 - 2000 bull market and made a name for himself. You had to be a idiot not to make money then. Example. I bought Colgate in 1982, adjusted for splits at $2. It is now $105.

      Since 2000, which marks the beginning of the current commodities bull market, the mutual fund hot shots have lost you a boat load of money. I looked at Gabelli's funds and they are horrible over 2000 - 2012. If you were with him you would be getting out the noose. To be honest the guy is an amateur and I would not trade my results for his. By the way listening to that other idiot Boogle and buying index funds, you save on fees but still get butchered.

      Commodity bull markets are vicious and destroy overall stock results and last on average 17 years. In the 20th century there were 3 and 2 started with deflation and ended in world Wars and the third gave us 1966 - 1982 inflation. In all three episodes the stock market was lower at the end than when commodity prices started to rise. Additionally employment was a disaster with higher than usual unemployment. Interestingly, once commodity prices were mitigated, the stock market took off and went up about 12x in the ensuing stock bull market.

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