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  • bbqguy260 bbqguy260 Jul 31, 2008 7:35 PM Flag

    Edado, OT;

    Thought I would not see a post from you again once I stopped watching this message board. Was watching CNBC tonight and saw AWX go by on the tape and it rang a bell that I used to own it and you used to post hear, I believe with superdave? Anyway I hope this finds you in good health and the market has been good to you. Still have PRCP? Didn't you have HOLX? Life still good in Hawaii?
    Life is great with Him in charge. My son left this morning for flight school in Mississippi. Daughter wanting to do oversea's missions and I am to be a first time grandfather in september. Will retire soon.
    Thank you for the post over the years. Your knowledge and advise have helped me navigate through this market. Now that I know your here I will visit from time to time.
    Once again I'm glad to see your post and the Lord has kept you well. He is so faithful. BBQGUY

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    • Sorry I missed this post

      Is congradulations grandpa in order? did you make it to retirement? It certainly sounds as though you dwell in the permanent blessings of the Lord!!

      I am still in both AWX and PRCP, in fact have fairly big positions in both as I have been aggressively buying both in recent days/weeks. Picked up 5300 shares of AWX yesterday at 1.01-1.10. Hope to pick up more at $1 or less.

      I feel sorry for the poor suckers who are getting margin calls and forced to sell at these ridiculous prices.

      Listen to the conference call on PRCP. These guys are conservative and they are bullish on 2009 even with the credit crisis!

      take care and God Bless

      Aloha in Christ

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      • I became a grandfather Sept. 19th. A healthy little girl, Avery Lunae B----. A beautiful blessing from the Lord. My son is now a Lt. in flight school and I am semi retired. Work from Jan 1 - Aug 15th.
        I will start building a position in both AWX and PRCP. Curious, what ever happened to superdave? Also, if you have the time would you look at NSYS. Seems to be a narrowly traded profitable company.

    • Since Edado is being punished by his parents for his behavior at the miniature golf course, he has asked me to respond to your e-mail.

      Edado would like you to feel free to visit him the next time you are in Baltimore. If you can bring him the latest Jonah Boys music video he would be most appreciative. His mom will have some milk and cookies ready for you in case you take him up on this offer which he hopes you do.

      OK, just wanted to pass that on to you.

      Aloha and Bon Jovi from Edado !!!

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