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  • daabaadee daabaadee Dec 13, 2011 11:43 AM Flag

    See that volume...

    It's higher
    than it's been as of late.

    The rush
    to the exits is on.

    Given what's going on
    with the euro and dollar
    it's no surprise.

    Best thing to do now
    is to stop the bleeding
    and move on.

    before it goes Sub $2.

    Thats seems to be todays agenda
    for most folks and it shold be
    yours as well.

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    • But this BS can turn on a dime.

      BINGO Patriot!!! Not only can it turn on a dime I believe it will ultimately turn on a dime and as always catch most if not all but the crooks by surprise. I am not going to miss that boat. In the meantime the wise will take advantage of the paper suppression and load up on as much physical gold and silver as they can afford, because that will be the only savior heading into the coming turmoil.

    • Buying the dip!


      Thank you, Uncle Benny.

    • It appears that capitulation by longs is now underway in earnest. Some stubborn longs like me are continuing to buy at these low prices. I don't know when this silver market will turn up again, but I know that it could happen at any time. Currently is it better to buy or sell? I've been buying silver coins while prices are low and while bullion is still available to purchase. Once our fiat dollar has lost most of it's value, those silver coins will be shining brightly. SS

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      • SS,

        It's all about timeing.

        Right now with the euro tanking
        and the dollar rising we all know that it's not the time to be buying any PMs or mineing stocks.

        With Europe in recession
        industrial demand for silver lessens,that is also contributing to silver prices falling.

        Right now there are just to many headwinds
        to be in the PM sector.

        Re: GPL

        These guys just miss expectations time after time.

        GPL and its shareholders would be better served with EXK
        running the operation.

        When the price is low enough EXK will make an offer and hopefully it will be a big win for GPL shareholders.

        The way to play this
        was to SELL High,
        like I said to do around $2.75-$2.90
        let GPL fall,
        then buy back in before the buyout offer is accepted.

        If you ride it down to $1.50 and the buyout is $3 you've made nothing,
        where as if you sold at $3 bought back in at $1.50 its a 100% return.

        I can lead these longs
        to the water but I can't make them drink it.

        My only concern now
        is to stop them from
        taking anyone else down with them.


    • Daabaa,
      I have had a limit order buy at 2.04
      way before you started posting here.
      I am sure you are no help to me.
      The price of silver is the only factor.
      The company is going to grow.
      Good geologists.
      I do not care so much on how they manage
      the stock growth.
      But I have been wrong before.

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      • sonya,

        I find it hard to believe you've been wrong before,
        you seem really smart.

        "I'm sure your no help to me" = WRONG

        "the price of silver is the only factor." = WRONG

        " If do not care so much on how they manage the stock growth" = STUPID

        If you really believe these things you have no business being in the market.

        This is no place for you.

        With all due respect sonya...

        Are you a kid,a novice investor, or what ?


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