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  • yankee1steve yankee1steve Dec 19, 2011 8:27 PM Flag

    Sometimes the truth hurts

    Guys, for all you who have not sell must sell now and get out. The market is at a very dangerous level. It is like a pregnant women ready to give birth. It is like the market is ready to pop. Believe me I am a gold/silver bug also but I am not stupid when I see the market is ready to correct. Europe will implode not later than the end of Feb 2012. That means everything is going to dropped. I suggest that you raise cash now and sit on the sideline and get ready to scoop up either stock or physical gold/silver when it dropped like 2008. That is when you make the most $$$$$$. The greatest transfer of wealth is about to happen. GLTA longs who still want to hold on. Sometimes it hurts to let go but if you do not want to lose your short now it might be wise to sell. There will always be another day to fight.
    Recession --> Deflation --> Hyperinflation

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    • yankee,

      I agree,

      I told these guys the same thing,
      that's why they
      think I'm you.

      They thought I was goblin the other day.

      These guys just won't listen to reason
      and are getting more and more paranoid
      with each passing day.

      I bet one of them cracks up if GPL breaks $1.78

      You tried to help,
      I tried to help,
      other have tried to help;
      I think it's time to just sit back and enjoy their fall.

      I still post here to help the newbies,
      or folks thinking about buying this POS,
      but for the most part
      I just enjoy watching
      The Fall of the Longs...

      It's a great show.

    • Daabadee you are wrong to call the bottom. It will go down more. Right now it is just staying in the $2 range. I rather buy physical than paper which is so manipulated. For those longs who did not sell, it is no use selling now. You might as well stick it out since u might have lose a lot but if u believe there are more sliding, it might be wise to sell and scoop it up cheap. Did u guys see what happened on MF Global. People who had gold/silver cannot get their PM and yet get charge for storage fees. What BS is that? I have no doubt stock will dropped in Feb and I am sticking to my gun. I am ready to pick up some physical. Many hedge fund and PM trader are fuming over what happened at MF and soon they will buy physical straight from the miners. Stick it up to those at CFTC, COMEX and the JPM.

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      • yankee,

        We shall see.

        Remember my call is predicated
        on Gold Holding the $1605 mark,
        if that breaks all bets are off.


        Let me be Clear,

        - I did not recommend anyone buy this stock.

        I said " if you want to buy GPL this may be the time to do so".

        If anyone bought GPL at $1.91 ,
        they're still up and can bail out now with a profit, so no harm, no foul.

        - That call was based on market conditions at the time
        and may prove to be right or wrong as conditions change.
        Unlike the longs, I'm flexible
        and adapt to changes in market conditions quickly.

        - If you did buy at $1.91
        I'd put in a stop loss around $1.92
        just to be on the safe side.

        But Yes, your right,

        Europe is still in recession
        so the industrial demand for silver will be lower.
        ( see my daabaadee on silver post for my take on the silver market)
        That's all still true, nothings changed
        on that front,like I say,
        this call was based on market conditions at the time only.

        Anyone who owns this needs to keep
        a close eye on the prices of Gold/Silver,
        if they break down so will GPL.

        I wouldn't buy GPL,
        but for those who wish to do so,
        $1.91 may prove to be a
        good entry point privided gold/silver hold.

        On another note,

        It will be interesting to see how
        the longs react to your posts.
        For the most part anyone who is not a cool aide drinking long gets shouted down
        and called a basher, then they try and discredit your posts.

        Lets if if they recieve you better
        than they recieved me.


    • Yankee, nice post. I appreciate you posting a different (on this board), yet rational point of view, and doing so in a very civil way... refreshing. In an "orderly" progression of world events, I can't/won't argue with you. However, there are so many tinderboxes around the world that could break out at any time, and I cannot determine which is more likely near-term. It isn't the most profitable way, but I have bets in both directions... holding my core positions in case of an explosion, but holding cash for the upcoming bargains if your scenario results in an implosion.

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      • trin,

        Many of us longs have recently expereinced considerable difficulty in obtaining silver coins and bullion through our local dealers. Further, we have read recent reports in which we have learned that nations such as China and India recently heve been acquiring large amounts of silver bullion. IMO this ongoing demand for silver bullion provides strong support for current bullion prices, making the risk of a sharp silver selloff unlikely. Growing world tensions as well as the unresolved European debt crisis provide a strong case for rising silver bullion prices. The days of shorting silver paper to suppress the spot prices are numbered IMO. Those that fail to act soon to snap up silver bullion may miss out on a great silver investment opportunity. IMO, buying silver bullion now sure beats holding fiat paper currency in the bank. SS

    • I've been wrong before and may be wrong again. But from what I've been reading, China, India, and several deep pocketed investors have been loading up on silver bullion recently. IMO that's why the spot price of silver appears to be holding at $28 or better recently. The spread between spot and what most of us must now pay for silver coins or bullion is now several dollars. Because of the relentless demand for silver, IMO this spread will only grow unless the spot silver price moves higher over time. Attempts to further suppress the spot silver price are not working, and IMO soon we will see short positions be closed in sizable amounts. This in turn will drive the spot price higher and higher. Therefore, I'm not staying on the sidelines as I want to benefit from rising silver prices which could start at any time. SS

    • Longs,

      Sorry to steal your thunder here
      but I called the bottom on GPL, not you guys.

      Goldants call doesn't count
      because he's called the bottom almost everyday
      since the Fall of GPL began.



    • mr.yankee you have alot of friends around here......thanks but no thanks.......there are no real sellers left.

    • Am I right in not buying yet and telling you all to sell? U still have time to get out and buy it back cheap later on. If u lose too much already, u better not sell and just hold on and pray. GLTA next year 2012. We live in dangerous time.

    • To the Board,

      Me and some of the " Wall Street Crooks "
      will be granting needy kids Christmas wishes today.

      Just for the record,
      Me calling the bottom
      yesterday before the bell was no accident,
      neither was calling the top, and nor will be my PEIX pick.

      I guess I just wanna say,
      in the future,
      don't be so quick to label new folks as bashers,
      you never know, one of them may turn out
      to be your Guardian Angel.


    • Are you the guy that bought PEIX at 67 that went crazy last year?

    • That is some good PSYOPS BS!

      But I ain't buying it!


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