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  • daabaadee daabaadee Jan 11, 2012 8:06 PM Flag

    PEIX vs GPL

    Starting Values:

    100,000 shares of GPL @ $1.80 = $180,000

    209,302 shares of PEIX @ $0.86 = $179,999

    May the best stock win.


    1/11/12 closing prices:

    GPL $2.21

    $2.21 * 100,000 = $221,000

    PEIX $1.06

    $1.06 * 209,302 = $221,860

    To all the GPL pumpers out there,
    if your going to Talk the Talk,
    Your stock better be able to Walk the Walk.

    Lets track them both
    and see whose stock
    can Walk the Walk.

    Game On Pumpers.


    Re: PEIX

    Looks like we may be at the beginning of an up trend here
    and when your rolling at $2,093 every penny,
    it won't take much more for the shorts cover.

    Lock and Load.


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    • GPL 100.000 x 2,57 = 257,000

      PEIX 209,302 x 1,18 = 246,976

      Glad that I bought GPL ;-)

    • mugz,

      That's why I'm here.

      Glad to be of service.

      I think your right about posting the PEIX vs GPL stuff,
      maybe I'll just post that on Fridays from now on.

      It's better to catch flack and learn,
      then to not catch flack and end up like the ones giving the flack.

      Giving people flack and calling them names,
      is what people do when they can't do anything else.

      I'm out the next 2 days,
      so I won't be posting anything until late, if even then.

      Tomorrow I get to hear
      what my mentories have to say about robo and his posts.

      I asked them to read them over the weekend
      and give me a critic on them on Tuesday.

      Tomorrow should be a fun day for me.

    • Nice of you to take the time to help cm (and me) out with that explanation. Maybe a suggestion? Post the weekly totals for GPL v PEIX. Less taxing for you and will free up more time to help educate the uninformed. I'll most likely catch flack for that.
      PS. Took another position with SVM today at 7.10. Have always liked that stock, along with NGD and PEIX of course.

    • Update: 1/24/12



      209,302 * $1.22 = $255,348


      100,000 * $2.48 = $248,000




    • cm,

      When you go to the GPL board on yahoo finance
      you'll see in the menu box something that says interactive, that's for interactive charts.
      Click on that an then click on the 5 day chart.
      You'll see a GAP in the line that makes up the chart,
      the line breaks at $2.42 and restarts again at $2.47, that's called a GAP,
      and when Gaps in the charts line happen,
      not always, but more often then not the stock price retraces
      back to were the Gap in the line Breaks ,
      which in this case is $2.42 and thus closes the Gap.

      Then click out of that and click on the Techincal Analsis chart.
      Click on were it says RSI, that's the Realitive Strenth Index,
      You can see that GPL is over bought because its RSI is around 80 , which is over bought territory, that means it's going to pullback also. A normal RSI is 50, a 30 is oversold and above 70 is overbought.

      So based on these two metrics a savvy investor can say with confidence
      that GPL is Topping Out here and is about to pullback.

      You can learn a lot from this board on what not to do
      when it comes to investing by reading the posts of the pumper longs here.

      Lesson #2 : Never fall in love with a stock, it's just a stock.
      The purpose of investing is to make money, period.

      A lot of folks on this board will pump GPL no matter what.

      If you fall in love with a stock like these guys did,
      it clouds your judgement and causes you to deny the reality of the market place,
      and the worst thing you can do when investing is lose your objectivity.

      I told these guys GPL was going to fall at $2.75 and it fell all the way down to $1.78,
      and these guys were in denial and held the entire way down.
      The most important lesson in this post is, Don't be like these guys and fall in love with a stock.


    • Silver is straddling 32.38 tonight....trying to make up it's mind.

    • Why do you say,"There's a flag on todays play at $2.42 There's a GAP from $2.42 to $2.47 that needs to be closed."

      How did you come to this conclusion and price. Is this only a guess? I'm new and am trying to learn.

      NE Husker

    • .000 x 0 = Tardodee's IQ.


    • Update: 1/23/12



      209,302 * $1.24 = $79,534


      100,000 * $2.53 = $73,000




      Re: PEIX

      The 50 day moving average
      should break above the 200 day moving average
      sometime in early February.

      When this happens a
      Golden Cross will occur.

      You can watch the
      50 day moving average
      and 200 day moving average
      for PEIX getting closer and closer at

      Just type PEIX in the get quotes box at the top, and then click on Technical Analsis.
      If that's not it, then click on one of the other options, it's there somewhere.

      It's really going to happen folks...

      Redemption and a 100% return shall be yours if you took my
      " Better Safe then Sorry " advice and bought PEIX at $1.05.
      As things stand now, I think PEIX is up over 30% already from the holiday lows.
      I told you guys it was a gift from The Wall Street Crooks at that price, remember that ?


      Re: GPL

      There's a flag on todays play at $2.42

      There's a GAP from $2.42 to $2.47 that needs to be closed.

      The balls comming back.

      It's now 3rd and Long for team GPL.



      Congradulations to the
      New York Giants getting into the Superbowl.

      If you don't care about football but want to root against me, root against them.

      Go Giants!


    • sonya,


      NGD is a great organization from top to bottom, nice folks too.

      If you want to own a gold stock, NGD is the one you want to own.

      As a matter of fact, I'll probably buy it back again myself with my PEIX profits.

      My plan is:

      Let PEIX double and run.

      Then when the PMs come back in favor,
      I'll buy a lake house and a bunch of NGD shares with the profits.

      Then maybe I'll semi-retire earley,
      and just trade stocks from the lake house
      and spend the rest of my days trading stocks and fishing.

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