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  • cib_1981 cib_1981 Feb 29, 2012 12:32 PM Flag

    lookin promising. Dabadee....

    it very well could. If gold dont hold think 1640-50ish is in cards. A hunch tells me we may hold.....hope so cuz we'll rocket back and higher. Jeese, pullback happened a little sooner than i thought.

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    • You would think so I posted a thread from Ted Butler on the dramatic drop on the SLV and even GLD short interest. That is usually a bullish indicator. This is nothing more than bankster criminality as usual based on nothing other than they can't let gold and silver get out of control.

      BTW I see Daabaa loser is back in force today. Can't read any of what he is saying and frankly am surprised he's back afte what happened to POS PEIX. Although we should always expect him back on down days, he's never around when GPL is up.

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      • thx guys for your input. Robo, I havent been following the business end on GPL, how likely is it you think theyre gonna be purchasing a mine? Im gonna do some DD on this but wanna get an idea of what to look for. Dabadee is right if they purchase a mine there will be a pullback for a bit. But I have a feeling here silver is gonna rocket to the 70 level during spring time here so have to take that into account as well.

    • cib,

      It always does. ( sigh )

      On the other hand if your liquid this could be a Great thing.

      That's why I advised the folks to sell it all this morning.

      We've all seen this show before.

      The " Wall Street Crooks " take metals down, then load up.

      Like I said a long time ago...

      Try and figure out what the sharks are doing and then follow their lead
      and feed off their scraps like those little pilot fish do.

      In other words, If you can't beat them, join them.

      I may even buy some NGD if the price is right, around $10 would be great.

      I would not want to be in GPL when they announce they bought another mine
      so until that happens, I'm out, even if it goes to $2.04.


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