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  • robovshome robovshome Mar 27, 2012 11:14 AM Flag

    Right on Queue....

    looks like the monkeys have arrived with their paper shorts ahead of today's expiry.

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    • Pulled this off of Turd's site and thought you might find it interesting Tony given our discussion re delivery and actual supplies within the Comex.
      The Real Fraud is in the Comex Delivery Manipulation!
      Submitted by Obama Bin Lyin on March 30, 2012 - 12:25pm.
      Hat Tip!

      This is my hypothesis on how the Comex is “delivering” when no gold or silver leaves the dealer:

      The name of the game is to:

      Preserve Physical Metal at all costs
      Inflict Mass Damage on Longs.
      Use the Price as a tool to accomplish #1 and #2

      Through high frequency trading at 75,000 trades per second the bankers have 100% complete control of the Silver price. The price is used a tool to discourage longs from taking delivery, preserve physical metal and inflict mass damage on longs. The bankers do not want to take the price too low because then us stackers can take too much physical off the market at the low price.

      The bankers do not want to let the price too high because it makes the dollar look weak, rewards us stackers and mining shares owners, etc, etc, etc.

      The bankers seem to be happiest right now with the price between $30 and $35.

      Several hundred or even thousands of years ago, the bankers discovered the power of money manipulation and fractional reserve lending. Everything that the bankers do is at least some sort of 10:1 fractional reserve scheme. When the bankers get overconfident they can even stack two 10:1 schemes on top of one another creating a 100:1 fractional reserve scheme. Some derivatives bets are even 1000:1 or more.

      The delivery process:

      The Comex inventory and delivery figures are mostly make believe.

      The Comex inventory figures are at least a 10:1 fractional reserve scheme. So if the Comex claims they have 100 Million ounces of silver in the customer vaults and 10 Million in the dealer, they really have 10 Million in the customer and 1 Million in the dealer. This explains why they are so stingy about deliveries and often try to cash settle.

      Cash Settlements are preferred because of rule #1, to preserve physical metal.

      If a long stands for delivery the bankers will offer a small cash premium to accept cash and close out the contract.

      If a long stands for delivery and refuses the cash offer but instructs the bankers to deliver to a vault inside the Comex system, then the bankers simply print the long a paper warehouse receipt and tell him that the metal has been transferred to his vault/account. Around the time that the new paper warehouse receipt gets printed the bankers withdraw a similar amount usually from the dealer. This amount gets re-deposited to the dealer a couple days later (SilverDoctors has documented this many times). There was no delivery, the movement of metal was simply a transfer between dealer vaults, but the movement of metal gives the illusion of a proper delivery. Because there was no real delivery, the amount that did not get properly delivered essentially gets added to the bankers naked short position. This is how the bankers have accumulated a 5 Billion ounce naked short Silver position.

      If a long stands for delivery and refuses the cash offer and instructs the bankers to deliver to a vault outside of the Comex system, then this is when Blythe offers the large 80% cash premiums. These are the contracts that they wait until the end of the month to settle.

      The Hunt brothers knew about this fraud, they stood for delivery and took the metal outside of the Comex system and the price went nutz!

    • was I ever wrong.
      with all the hookers, cocaine, and vodka ready for the
      monkeys this weekend. Sure thought they would be off queue
      or there are so many funds mimics we are seeing a shadow.

    • Monkeys on Queue again.
      How much paper can they manipulate?
      GPLdamn, the miner, physical bottom is in
      and I missed it again.

    • ... last day of March Silver Futures Settlement is 03/28.

      Harvey Organ's blog for the last few days has been showing that one or more somebody(s) has been buying march contracts and taking delivery into the settlement month - ie: the silver ounces standing has been increasing lately.

      This could be an interesting phenomena, where physical metal purchasers wait until after a price smash (at the start of the delivery month), wait out the cash settlements which occur throughout the month, and towards the end of the month - buy a contract which settles in that month.

      The cartel now has no choice but to try to smash the metals price before the last settlement day. They've already paid out 7,860,000 ounces of silver in March, and there's still 1,445,000 ounces left to be served (before end of day tomorrow) (about 15% of the total silver contracts standing for delivery).

      Now a smash in prices tomorrow using paper could shake out whoever is currently long silver contracts, but suppose that somebody(s) just buys contracts into that price smash. Then the cartel would need to deliver the metal to whoever has those contracts.

      • 2 Replies to TonyTSE_99
      • Now a smash in prices tomorrow using paper could shake out whoever is currently long silver contracts, but suppose that somebody(s) just buys contracts into that price smash. Then the cartel would need to deliver the metal to whoever has those contracts.

        True it "could" shake them out but based on the resilience of the longs lately and the fact that they have been buying long contracts on some of these these smack downs Harvey is saying they maybe afraid to provide the non backed naked paper shorts for fear that they may stand for delivery and they won't be able to deliver. I don't have the experience or knowledge to understand how this all works so rely on Harvey's expertise and years in this industry and he has been stating all month that the banksters are not liking what is going on at all in the silver pits. How much truth there is to that remains to be seen I suppose.

      • Tony, Robo,...

        Play as they may, paper shorts will lose in the end game. I'm confident that silver prices are heading much higher over the longer term. I plan to continue to buy on weakness. Silver bullion supplies are disappearing rapidly from all reports. SS

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