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    • Hey DJdancing,

      Your topic: “think tank says we are chit in 30?” got deleted on the SLW m/b”

      messages finance yahoo com/system (replace the spaces with a period)

      Apparently the banksters have their boyz on stensorchip duty.

      “MIT is a bankster controlled think tank. They are overrun by Fabianists. They’ve been pumping the central economic control promoted by the central...”

      That comment was from this screen name, and probably was the source of the deletion. They gotta keep the “natives” under control. The article you linked to wasn’t worth a hoot anyway, since it fails to identify the source of the issue, which is what one would expect out of MIT.

      One other thing… There are some general changes across the Internet that have recently been made by the control freaks. It used to be, until recently, that a URL from tinyurl would allow a customization for a topic that was deleted at Huyuu. That is no longer possible, so something vaguely representing what got removed now only allows a generic link for all deletions.

      By the way, Huyuu had some massive layoffs. It seems that those that got canned in the stensorchip department were any that had some libertarian leanings. They are tightening up their destruction of the 1st amendment:

      tinyurl com/HUYUUlayoffs (replace the space with a period)

      The following is a comment on the issue from a m/b poster: “Let's see...Yahoo hasn't changed much in 15 years, they have become a shrill for the Obama Administration and censor legitimate comments from users. Gee, I can't imagine why they are going under.”

      Apparently Stott Comson is the banksters’ guy to be in charge at Huyuu.

    • This are signs of end time but it is not yet. The birth pangs will be more and more. America is the Babylon because we have stray so far from our founding fathers root in God. Once we abandon His way and goes our way. We are enroute to destruction. Look at all these big banks TBTF...they have no moral or soul.. Just lately u hear this gou from JPM the way he trade the derivative... OMGosh what are we become.... If there is no God there is no accountability. What are the chance of that? That mean we can be like Hitler to kill without accountability. So, I believe there is a God.

    • The clock is ticking and main stream

      media is lying about everything. Do

      your DD. Dj.

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