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  • yankee1steve yankee1steve Apr 25, 2012 10:44 PM Flag

    Duh Ba Dumb Dumber

    Anyone listening to that retard will be dumber than duh dumb dumb. He is a chameleon and he speak with fork tongue. I am still waiting for that $1.45/sh GPL. Like Robo says don;t let me down to bring it down so that I can back my truck to load it. Beware of that Devil that comes in a form as an angel of light to deceive.

    Duh ba dumb dumb what do you eat with your hands? U ask me what I do with silver I guess u do not know the uses of silver right? Let me educate you what I can do with it:

    * Jewelry * silverware * solder for circuit board * medical purposes * Use in water filtration * Solar panel * photography

    I could go on and on u dummy. If u don't want any silver give it to me and I am more than happy to take it off your hands for free.

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    • Duh ba dumb dumb. I think we know you are dumb but did not know that you are so dumb that you need us to tell you how to invest in silver. You are the dumbest of the idiots. Silver and gold is not gone hyperbolic yet. When it does I will exchange it for fiat to buy some more good value land so that I can farm and grow some crops. So, it does not matter by then whether fiat or PM is of any value. Understand dumbo? That's call investment not day trading. Just like Mike Maloney says I hold gold and silver because I love it. I hold it for now because that is what holds value for now. By the way dumbo, you have no respect because you always disrespect people and I return a favor back to you. U are a 1st clas A-hole.

    • sonya,

      alpha male 'eh ?

      With a girly name like sonya, I bet you're an alpha she-male.


      I guess none of you fools can make a case for silver NOT being worthless when there's No Market to sell it in, but don't feel too bad, if it makes you feel any better paper money will be worthless too.

      Case closed, I win again.


      After the sheet goes down and there is no market for silver, it will be worthless and so will the dollar, gold, and the rest of the stuff we call money today.

      End of story, Wise up fools.

    • I am the alpha male.
      you think you can critic my moniker with
      the one you have. el stupido!

    • yankee,

      The question was:
      What are you going to do wih your stack of silver and Who do you plan on selling it to AFTER
      the end of the world sheet goes down and there is no market for it.

      If you can't answer the question ,
      just admit you were a foolish to think silver would have any value AFTER that and move on.

      No market = No value

      I don't think anyone will be wanting your silver for any of the things you listed AFTER the sheet goes down.

      The primary concern of most folks will be food, water, and shelter,
      none of which can be provided by your stack of worthless silver.

      How old are you yankee?

      You strike me as a dumb kid, maybe in his 20s, who knows nothing of the world and how it works.

      Your childish name calling is also a tell tale sign of your imaturity.

      I found your attempted dodge of my question feeble and pathetic.

      I think you know I'm right about silver being worthless when there's no market for it
      but you just don't want to admit it.

      If any of you silver hoarders want to try and make a case for silver NOT being worthless AFTER the sheet goes down, be my guest,because this kid can't do it.

      yankee you should stick to picking banannas and leave the money stuff to the grown ups.

      Wise up kid.

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