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  • capt2382 capt2382 Nov 19, 2012 8:46 PM Flag

    Repeating an earlier post

    The national debt continues to grow. Inflation WILL be a problem. The mideast is still boiling, and Israel will defend itself at all costs. Gold and Silver
    will see record highs in 2013, sooner than later. IMHO, they have consolidated and are near a break out. I'm holding and buying here.

    Hold on............Here we go...............................

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    • You mean Palestine will continue to defend itself. They have been occupied by Israeli forces since 1967.

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      • Spin it anyway you want. I suppose if they shot 50 rockets a week at your house you would look the other way. Hamas is a terrorist group "PERIOD". Like Iran, they would like to wipe Israel off
        the map. There must be a Palestinian state. But it must be by peaceful negotiation. Israel left
        Gaza in 2005...........Now a great place to launch Rockets from. If Israel gives up more land without security.............You guessed it.......more rockets. Hamas has called for the extermination of Israel. They "NEED" to change their ways. "You reap what you sow".

        4/7/11 Rocket fired from Gaza at Israeli School bus. (Hamas issued a rare claim of responsibility for the bus attack)

        3/23/2011 One person has died and more than 30 others are injured after a bomb blast at a crowded bus stop in Jerusalem. A correspondent for AFP news agency at the scene said people were lying on the ground covered in blood and many cars and buses had shattered windows.

        8/19 2003...... On August 19, 2003 (22 Av 5763), a Hamas suicide bomber sent out by the organization's Hebron cell disguised himself as a Haredi Jew and detonated himself on a No. 2 Egged bus traveling through Jerusalem's Shmuel HaNavi neighborhood. He blew himself up after entering the back door.[2]The double-length bus was crowded with Orthodox Jewish children returning from a visit to the Western Wall. The huge explosion killed 7 children and 16 adults, among them an eight-months-pregnant woman, and injured more than 130 people. The bomb was spiked with ball-bearings designed to increase injuries on the crowded bus. Hamas said the bomber was a 29-year-old mosque preacher from the city of Hebron.
        Because so many of the dead were young children, the media dubbed it the "children's bus."

        "The attack was the 100th Palestinian suicide bombing against Israelis since the latest round of fighting began in September 2000. "

        Many more Buses were blown up. How soon the liberal pot smoking media forgets. Flesh splattered everywhere. Body parts in the streets. Men , Women, children , all CIVILIANS
        deliberately attacked. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW ( YOU HARVEST WHAT YOU PLANT)

        WAR is not the answer. I agree. But you reap what you have sown. Just like a generation or two
        from now Americans will forget Sept. 11, 2001. It will become a "FOG".

        I WILL NEVER FORGET, and I haven't forgot Hamas is a terrorist organization. So go preach
        to your bleeding heart liberal friends and keep reading the BIAS liberal media.

        PS.............. Read this..........

        Genetic analysis suggests that a majority of the Muslims of Palestine, inclusive of Arab citizens of Israel, are descendants of Christians, Jews and other earlier inhabitants of the southern Levant whose core reaches back to prehistoric times. A study of high-resolution haplotypes demonstrated that a substantial portion of Y chromosomes of Israeli Jews (70%) and of Palestinian Muslim Arabs (82%) belonged to the same chromosome pool.[27]

        So in the words of Rodney King........Can't we all just get along

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