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  • daabaadee daabaadee Feb 8, 2013 5:05 AM Flag


    There is NO HOPE HERE, only bagholders, fools and dreamers.

    Most of the demon pumpers like robo, doublecola and the like have been exposed and destroyed.

    Their promises of hope and recovery have been proven to be nothing more than lies.

    For those of you who listened to them, instead of me, look where it got you, you rode this POS stock

    all the way down from $3 or more to $1.50 and it is now just bouncing along the bottom near its 52

    week low on half its average volume, congradulaions. The next leg down will come soon and be even

    more painful then the last leg down. At this point your only hope is to cut your loses and move on,

    go BUY PEIX, it should be over $1 by summer. The fact is I've been right all along on GPL.

    I tried to save you all from this HELL, I told you guys this POS was going to $1.45 while it was still in

    the high $2s, but you didn't listen. If you don't see the signs like the low volume and the struggling

    just to stay above its 52 week low then you are doomed. The next leg down will come soon.

    Get out now or fall deeper into the fire, the choice is yours.

    ( insert evil laugh here )

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Sell at a double bottom that appears to be holding? I think it's time to begin building a nice long position right here, right now, a little bit at a time. I'll sell you my shares when we reach the very top (insert much more sinister and evil laugh here!) Word: Don't drink too much of that ethanol, they need it for the gasoline. Why? I have no idea. That entire concept is a joke. Natgas is the future for transportation. GLTA!

    • You should shout a little louder. Maybe someone might pay you some attention, Doo. (snicker)

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