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  • genx37 genx37 Mar 5, 2013 5:52 PM Flag

    Go Long NOW GPL

    Hi suffering Longs. I know your pain..I have been invested in mining stocks for 8 years. I am a longterm holder of great panther. In 2007 I paid like $1.68 and held and bought more thru the crash. my lowest purchase price was in the 25 cent range. The bottom is close in GPL and mining shares. Once this stock bottoms we will see the same rise from the bottom as before almost 25 times from the bottom. This stock should bottom any day now ... Great Panther went from .25 to over 5.00 in alittle over 2 years time. Im expecting the next few years this stock will run to over $20.00 a share. Stay long this to shall pass.


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    • jabergmann66 Mar 6, 2013 10:38 AM Flag

      Another problem as of today for Silver Miners Read this:
      That is another nial in the coffin! Though provoking!

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    • jabergmann66 Mar 5, 2013 10:01 PM Flag

      I have reviewed the stock for the past starting in 2007, the low was Oct. 2008 at $0.18, the HIGH was Feb 28, 2011 at just over $4.50 per share. Silver Bullion was $27.36, bullion bottom was $18.32 on 2/2008. Rather than BUY now why not wait for $19 silver and then comit if you feel the company and management have got it together! With silver over $28 currently that leaves $9 downside IF the projection are correct. I wonder what the BOOK VALUE is NOW and potential for that to rise? There are headwinds for GPL for 2013, funds MAY become dead $$$$. The overall market then compared to NOW? The economy then vs. NOW? Other silver stocks vs GPL, such as AG or EXK, SLV? Bullion? Is $1 cheap NOW if it can go to old low of $0.18 to $0.20 per share? Then tack on two years WAIT, if that? IF INFLATION DOES HAPPEN, it's going to take time! Then GOLD is a better investment to play or Bullion. This stock could become a forgotten penny stock with NO SUPPORT. That happen from time to time. The PAST rise was based on speculation of P/M rise. I am just watching and not trying to catch the falling knife, dangeous and costly! Best of LUCK to you! Dollar cost averaging? Don't run out of money! How many have a mental STOP LOSS on GPL? We did at 12% loss, if not, would now be 22 cent loss vs. 54 cent loss, do the math. The Old Man

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      • Yeah? So why are you trying to convince everyone if you're out and claim not to be short?
        If silver goes lower, it should see 30.78 first. Silver is moving sideways. 26.15 has been the support since Nov 2010. 35.19 the resistance. In Oct 2008, 34.48 became silvers upside target. What we've been doing since April 2011, is correcting the over run to 49 bucks.
        Anything can happen, but there is no necessity for $19 silver or .20 GPL. There are many more dollars in circulation diluting the value of a dollar now than there were when silver was last 19 bucks.
        GPL has not seen it's bottom yet, but it's PPO/ADX is pinching. Those are the brakes being applied.

    • jontdavis Mar 5, 2013 9:16 PM Flag

      20.00 a share really???? This is going sub $1.00 this week. A classic falling knife if I've never seen one!

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      • Yes really..I was in First majestic from 1.43 ..that went to 28.00. Goro 4.00 and it hit 30 bicks. This correction will end and the best part of the Silver/gold rally is ahead of us. Keep buying into what CNBC tells u to buy...They have a great record.: They loved facebook..they hyped it to death..they loved netflix at 300 and hated it at 70. They told you apple will go to 1000..CNBC loved apple at 700 and now hate sit at 425. The game is rigged and the small guys have been fried. Revenge will be sweet as Mainstreet is over it! The economy sucks and inflation is raging. I dont know what planet these people who say there is no inflation..They say that with two loafs of bread under each arm. People are broke. Everything is more expensive. I have never seen sentiment so ugly and all the mainstream press etc all one sided for months..something is getting ready to happen for the better in the metals space once these market riggers set it all up..The future of Wall Street profits will be in the metals/miners space.. There is no doubt. Invest for the longterm.

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    • dollar avg is the way to go.. dont know how low it can go..

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