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  • michaelangelo94 michaelangelo94 Nov 22, 2013 5:16 PM Flag

    IPCI will go up next week and this is why.

    Syndney Simpleton aka Tolanco finally gave up his shares. What a bafoon. Can't even stand by what he was pitching. I don't know what jk saw in you pal but I don't have any respect to people like you.

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    • haha haha...... im Sydney Smart the guy in hte other story i wrote here. I looked athe stock performance and it first appeared to be mimicing behavior of other breakout stocks ive been in or observed where there seemed to be some fake selling to scare people into givin up shares.... this was when the stock was going between 3.80 and 4.20 but mostly on the 4 and above side...when the stock dipped into the sixties i became concerned and i changed my position to "on the fence" because this was more selling and more downside than my "shakeout model" would support ...athat point is said if the stock took a dive south before hte close instead of finishing the clinb it had startedi would be out ...the stock continued to climb a bit more buthen took that worrisome dive southward tha was my sell signal and i sold. No buffooner here (baffoon not "bafoon") just changing my behavior due to changing circunstances hust liek ka weatherman revises his forecasts when something changes his models. Like Sydney Smart in the story i exercised my sell discipline to preserve my already nice % gain fo rFall quarter, There was simply no need to stubbornly hold onto the stock like a jackass, when it started giving me different signals, and ultimately, a sell signal based on my own criteria.

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      • the old me the "Sydney Simpleton" me would have traded with my emotions and not allowed myself to sell today because i couldnt accept losing out on that 6.40 sell/profit point. I would have stubbornly held onto the stock to prove that i was right about buying the stock and holding it past that high sell point at 6.43 or past a somewhat lower but still very profitable sell point. I used to be Sydney Simpleton, losing money because i had no sell discipline , among other reasons, and i would ignore my own inner sell signals , trading with my ego.instead, unable to accept losing. Today, i make money in the market, not on every trade but in the full 13 week quarter when it is totalled up. I no longer trade with my ego. IPCI may well go up Monday and go up big but that really is irrelevant to me. There's just no point in holding a stock past your sell signal...all sorts of stocks you can get into the next day or two and make back your loss , the real loss, if any, and/ or paper loss of unrealized profits,

      • buffoon not "bafoon"

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