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  • stock_buster_2 stock_buster_2 Feb 21, 2014 4:52 PM Flag

    I for one shareholder am getting tierd of management

    And there lack of communication to shareholders, I'ts high time they pulled there noise out of there #$%$. and started to communicate will share holders better. Take for instance that lame #$%$ earnings report,, I could have done a better job at putting that together after I dranked a gallon of jack. Why in the hell did they not release 4th quarter,, and full year at one time,That would have given us some picture of where we are headed and some sort of guildence.Are they that cheap or just have no reguard for shareholders. They sure as hell no how to communicate to shareholders every time they want to dump shares on us. The hole derivative thing they could have communicated better, This thread is full of morons that don't even no what it means.This is the most lame #$%$ management and invester relations team I have ever see.This $hit doesn't change i'll dump all 17k of my shares next wensday.

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    • I have never been invested in a biotech company where some investors don't complain about managements communication with shareholders. How about Path -in at 1.70 company sold for $3.65 cash plus $3 earnout-
      IPCI in at 1.60's now at $3.70 ( I sold twice now and earned over $130K already) and have 80K now - Management will tell us when something material happens and you have to believe your investment is a good one or don't invest.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • you need to be patient. when Focalin took longer than expected to get approved I think they kind of went in a holding pattern. Not a lot happened in 2013. Now that is approved I think we will be hearing a lot more out of the company . In the short term I think the stock is stuck in this range. I think a lot of people got in for a pop on earnings and drove the price down. We did not have an quick rebound because the average price on the atm is 3.66

    • stock buster- please stop holding back and tell us what you really think... Or better yet have another and go kick your dog. You will feel better then :-)

    • frankly you said you could do a better job of doing an ER after a gallon of jack, but from what I see of both of your posts I have to agree with janus you can not do so. You dont put your case forward well, you use the wrong words, you misspell and you use to many #$%$ for who knows what purpose. your use of the english language is horrible and "know" one would want you to give us "guidence" not even to the corner. so get your "noise" out of your #$%$ and sell Monday, dont wait til wednesday. Why make us wait for the huge downturn your sale will cause?

    • for someone taking mgmnt to task for poor communications..well you sure left a lot to be desired with your typos and grammatical errors.
      GL2U here or else where.....
      ps companies have 45 days and 75 days respectively to release qtrly and annul reports.

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