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  • contrarian98015 contrarian98015 Oct 31, 2003 1:45 PM Flag

    New Posting Rules for NEM

    Ok. Here are the new rules.

    only red blooded, white, american males who love bruce (willis -- not lee) and arnold, who have tatoos and a barefoot, pregnant wife back at the trailer, are to be allowed to post here, own gold stocks or gold, or show kids the way real americans act by stringin' up a few niggas', kikes, slants, wops, chinks, micks, queers, frogs, krauts, ivans, gooks, and others who are not them, and even them sometimes, because mistrakes will happen, tough, get used to it.

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    • "Newsflash, those $20 "girls" ... on the blvd are actually guys dressed up as girls."

      That`s why you keep going back there, after you bore the few remaining folks who will listen, with boasts about your knowledge of the Bible`s laws you break so often?

      Having a tif with your "rear guard" abslut???
      You "girls" having commitment problems again?

      I`d vote to have you both committed...

    • ""Lefty Bigots"?

      The anti-semitism of the left is widely reported. See white jackets excellent post on the recent lefty confab.

      "Thats Almost as good as your "Communist Nazi's"

      Sounds more like your words than mine but you should, if anyone know about the "german workers" party, especially since you frequent nazi sites as your bigoted posts confirm.

      "Another lonely Saturday night?"

      Actually I was posting while having a late night snack after being out on the town with friends. Perhaps your dulled investigating skills didn`t notice an absence of posts. I`ll skip the details about the bright, striking woman who`s living proof of the positive effects of ballet and exercise, coupled with what I think are incredible genetics.

      "John pegged you and your three 'rec' buddies"

      John is confused and has no idea who we are and as far as racism goes, your "girlfriend"/rear guard abslut is the one that posts cowardly racist crap like his poor racist jokes post of 272463. "2. Dictate - My girfriend say my dictate good." I`m sure you two "girls" thought that one up and please spare us the details...

    • 15 dead and what do you get? Gas for $1.33.

      donny, rick loves you.

    • Hey major,

      Did you read this post? What are your thoughts?? Be specific now. No generalized name calling. TIA

    • There is no way out for us. We look like fools if we leave. We can't get paid if we stay. Our boys are getting sniped for oilflow that's not happening. We have states all broke who are all going to be selling bonds if the Fed won't help them. To who? The Fed is going to be selling bonds. Money is going to be leaving not running into America. The Euro bonds are going to red hot. Money seeks out strength. The EU isn't strong but they are not in debt, that is strong.

      And this hard dollar policy is going to be found out just how important it was to have one before. The soft dollar policy is going to lead to higher interest rates and then gold goes way up and the economy shuts down, late 70's revisited. Why? Because you can't just monetize the debt and not spook the bond market to selloff. And Bush doesn't understand that. He just follows his advisors who listen to their advisors who listen to the bankers who play smoke and mirror games. How can these guys be so stupid to tell the Japanese to stop supporting the dollar. It was a free gift and still is. We need a deflationary offset to the money pump they are doing here.

    • "Where is the goddamned oil"

      It`s everywhere you blind maggot!

      "There will be no 6 million barrels a day of oil from Iraq like Cheney promised"

      Got a post no. to support that rectum-fried rant?

      "We got no oil."

      YOU "GOT" no grammar!

      "The President is blowing the financial ammo so fast"

      THIS??? FROM THE PUSSY who insists on another 100,000 troops the military HASN`T asked for????

      "He is just firing up the Iraqi resistance and demoralizing the troops"

      Like your baghdad bob {lite} posts tried to do during the 3 weekwar??? Which of course earned you the title, baghdad zeno and some other intelligent posters fried your fatuous ass for it, which I`ve been posting...

    • "It is SO typical of Bush ..{supporters} to be investing (if they have any money to invest) in GOLD, when if they really believed in Bush they would be in Techs and the dow-30"

      MANY of us believe in supply and demand, hard money and the US Constitution, ALL GOOD reasons to invest in PM`s. The clinton/alpha al crowd was the anti-mining crowd.

      "They are just BIGOTS who don't have the GUTS to wear their sheets"

      Most aren`t, though we do have a few bigots {mostly lefties from the sites they post from} and many of us are a bit old for toga parties so yes we don`t wear sheets.

      The sane majority here doesn`t "hate arabs" in fact many of my posts are from an arab run site, {an Arab Christian}

      "then they sell-out Bush by buying GOLD because they KNOW BUsh is a LOSER and wrecking the economy."

      The Texas state repub convention commitee back aways, had a plank about the gold standard so gold is hardly anti-Bush.

      The recent 7+% GDP growth is hardly "wrecking the economy" considering the clinton bubble/Rubin,over priced dollar/greenspan printing press antics.

      You`re throwing a lot of manure around son, but is there a pony there somewhere?

    • Major my friends call me Zeo. Post your whiney weenie zeos posts to yer hearts content.

    • The message is that you are a snivelling commie twat who revels in the death of American troops. If you hate America so much, why don't you go live in one of the muslim shitholes that you support?

    • I see the message is finally getting through to you deegan. We're proud.

      Now drop and give us 10 you zionist pig.

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