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  • DannyHM DannyHM May 9, 2005 3:30 PM Flag

    Evolution Question

    Does there have to be a contradiction between evolution and creative design?

    I haven't followed the evolution vs creative design debate in much detail, (and at this time don't want too) but it seems that the process of evolution would make an initial creative design even more spectacular than if there wasn't evolution.
    Or to put it in another way, a creation of a process which can adapt could be better than one that doesn't adapt.

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    • <<Why are you badmouthing a post that is on the mark?>>

      I think......???

      Will read it again when I'm sober.

    • Why are you badmouthing a post that is on the mark?

    • <<...the truth of Creation by God will win out eventually ! I guarantee it.>>

      Do you sell men's suits also?...wait, that guy is Jewish.

    • According to the late Dr. Shockley, the evolutionary heirarchy on this board is well established.We start from the bottom and work our way up. Baldy, RAT, "democrats", maggots, slugs, tree lemurs, toasters,door knobs, fruit flies,...and, of course, at the top, Clint Eastwood!

    • Well someone has to break the cycle if it's not K-wave related. Look on kitco of the POG going through London, then look at it going through NY. Big difference. Those big sharp squiglies mean buying activity, those are from Brown not getting access to gold from the IMF, imo. Then in NY, it's up a bit. Not bad for a gold bear and bull fight. They all say gold is going to go sideways for awhile at 430 level. Well what if it's just light buying demand always steady and little selling. That's what it is. There can be so many bad news items in any week coming up because they are between a rock and a charred place. I think they'll raise rates till they break something. Selling bonds and keeping some stability in the dollar is more important than growth. They create growth with phony numbers and loan issuance with low back rates. So we go into this slow drift mode till 2nd gear gets stripped. Moving from a node to a widening triangle internally. Raising rates will stifle the recovery. To not raise rates means dangerously slack bond sales. Stagflation is the byproduct not the cause.

    • Be careful or they will be demanding your head on ice.

    • And by your count this would make it twelve, you stupid, hypocritical jackass.

    • Same old Nut-mont board

    • I'm sure you know all about "education." You are an expert, having personally utilized the vulnerability of the system to poison hundreds of young minds against the freedom so dependent on property rights.

      I'm sure you're quite proud of your molding of impressionable young minds with your personal charm and your coercive power over their self esteem and their success in the education system.

      You, a scumbag who cheers the killings of American soldiers by thugs and terrorists trying to deprive their people of democracy and the rule of law, are an excellent example of the consequences of allowing socialist propaganda to be forced on our school children.

      You are sewer scum.

    • You can't reason with folks who don't even know enough to try and present some facts to support what they think they believe in. All they'll do is verbally attack Creationism.

      Origins by evolution is a complete farce that the learned scientists can't even defend, but longtime mantra and indoctrination keeps on doing its work.

      But things are gradually changing !

      ...the truth of Creation by God will win out eventually ! I guarantee it.

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