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  • reticiiz reticiiz Jan 6, 2007 11:34 PM Flag

    secret plans

    It would be surprising to see such a leak come out of Israel, it might be just more rumours to scare the public or to pressure Iran to do or say something stupid so the west could take an opportunity in creating an emergency and get UN members on one side in the Iran issue.
    Personally I still don't buy it. More troops in the region and one more aircraft carrier but it just seems risky for Israel to attack or US to attack without making up something that would make the world somewhat convinced that Iran is about to embark on something dangerous and imminent. Iran has past it's peak in oil some time ago from what I understand and are in decline so no benefit for US. If Iran has nukes they would have more bargaining chips, somewhat similar to India and Pakistan. After all I doubt Iran would attack Israel knowing that they themselves would also be annihilated. Even if leaders talk taugh, I don't know of any in power to have a death wish, sure they don't mind sending other's kids to fight for "country" or in the name of "god" or what have you but they themselves don't want to die.
    Either way this year should prove interesting in many ways, and ultimately it will effect us all in one way or another. Best to be out of debt and have some gold and silver and not in the bank ;)

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