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  • kcf_07757 kcf_07757 Nov 17, 2010 12:58 PM Flag

    We are Screwed...

    Extend the government debt ceiling, don`t end the bush tax cuts....

    So far the Repubs haven`t offered up anything that isn`t big enough to make a dent...

    Tough days ahead....

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    • Read Keynes,

    • The Republicans have only two solutions to every economic problem, tax cuts for the Big Boys or bailouts for the Big Boys.

      • 2 Replies to goldbubble99
      • Right.
        Lefty solutions are:
        Blaming dub and and any other repub that's handy citing obstuctionism (even with a super majority).
        Promises of non existent shovel ready jobs (with the shovels being used all right, but mostly on BullShite).
        Presiding over double digit unemployment.
        While chanting bushdunnit.
        Increasing deficits astronomically.
        Hoax peddling power grabs.
        Passing unwanted unread tome sized bankrupting socialist legislation.
        Doing end runs around the constitution.
        Appointing hypocrites i.e. tax cheats to head the IRS and to chair the ways and means commitee in the house.
        Ruling in direct defiance of the public will.
        Appointing activist lefty judges to subvert the constitution and nullify the ballot box.
        Increasing deficits summore.
        Stealing our freedoms with out of whack madly off the charts up is down black is white mad hatter through the looking glass political correctness.
        Pandering to special interests i.e. gays, drug addicts, moozlum terrorists, tax cheats, goldman sachs, drug addicts, welfare bums, racist malcontents, degenerates and crooks n thieves generally.
        Stealing elections (hey lookie here, uh nuther mail sack fulluh franken votes that musta fallen right behind this here filing cabinet!)
        Growing government.
        pandering to race hustling class warfare hucksters with the aid of black panther thugs amerinan criminal liberties lawyers and tax payer subsidized acorn grifters.
        Increasing deficits.
        Growing government.
        Creating and expanding exponentially bankrupting tax dollars chucked down a rat hole ponzis, and when they don't work blaming the repubs and then replacing them with bigger more expensive ponzis equating to more money down even bigger rat holes as a solution.
        Fixing recession by substitution with a depression.
        All blamed on dub.

        You loling nitwit.

      • <<The Republicans have only two solutions to every economic problem, tax cuts for the Big Boys or bailouts for the Big Boys. >>

        One of water carrying Republicans for the rich a lackey congressman from Michigan has stated that middleclass tax cuts will be held hostage to make sure that the top 2 percent continue to increase their share of income and total national wealth. This comes at the expense of the deficit and of that of the bottom 80 percent who will see their share shrink. A fair share of Democrats have drunk from this koolaid but the majority of the Republicans are drunk on it.

    • "Tough days ahead"....

      Exactly right........A cleansing of the system is required with much pain involved.

      It's not by accident........NWO with Agenda 21 as the hub is where they want to take us and they could care less if we're kicking and thrashing all the way there.

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