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  • henhousehero henhousehero Feb 24, 2012 2:46 PM Flag

    conservatives want Santorum over Romney

    Santoruum reflects their feeling about Jesus and the Eater bunny... It doesn't matter that he has no chance of beating Obama whereas Romney could...the consevative mind cant think beyond their next Bible passage

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    • The Santorum Amendment was a failed proposed amendment to the 2001 education funding bill (which became known as the No Child Left Behind Act), proposed by Republican Rick Santorum (who was at that time the United States Senator for Pennsylvania), which promoted the teaching of intelligent design while questioning the academic standing of evolution in U.S. public schools.

      Chapter 13, Verse 69, "Grim GOP Fairy Tales"

    • Conservatives really want Paul.

      The "Mystery Man" Obama is a legal President.

      Santorum was voted at the top of the most corrupt politicians in 2006-07.

      Romney makes his money by taking over a company, taking it apart and then picking over the bones of the then unemployed.

      There's much more to say about all of them, but it's like whispering in the wind.

      All are NWO players and could really care less
      about the Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

      If they didn't roll that way, they wouldn't be where they're at.

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