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  • eman7890 eman7890 Dec 21, 2012 12:26 AM Flag

    Any Gold companies with decent insider buying of shares????

    Do Most people realize that the fiscal cliff is bad for gold? that budget cuts are bad for gold? that a stronger dollar ( note the relativism of stronger & not necessarily a strong dollar? I will wager that the talk radio crowd & the false news and false business news crowd thinks the crisis associated with the fiscal cliff is good for gold. These people will hold their gold and get hurt to the tune of a 1/3 to 1/2 loss from current prices.

    fiscal cliff = significant cuts in spending and rise in taxes = recession = gold price crash.

    a deal with obama on his terms will be reverse the threat of recession so long as the GOP caves in to My President & Your President Obama. that assumes the gop wakes up soon enough to stop the damage. gold will drop for a 1/3 loss from current levels.

    So, does anyone know where I can find insider buying on any gold company. there was a recent 1000 share purchases in NEM shares. way more selling the buying in NEM. And Prices are down.

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    • fiscal cliff is a side show. major cuts to entitlements are needed and that isnt going to happen. so the world sells our bonds? Fed will buy them by printing. sooner or later, the printing will result in enormous inflation, and gold will do very, very well. buy NUGT at $9.50 (3x movement of GDX)

    • He may be your president and he may be the president, but he most certainly is not my president (I regard him as the "Thief in Chief"). The best thing for gold prices is for the dollar to weaken, and a recession will very likely lead to that result. Obamommy will blame the Republicans and the Republicans will blame Obamommy, and both will be right. The only political winner will be the first one to graciously surrender. Obamommy has already raised taxes on the "wealthy" through Obamacare, and he wants to double dip or send the country over the cliff. The dirty little secret is that is where he wants the country to go - very much higher taxes on everyone so he can preserve and expand the welfare state. Meanwhile, the country descends into European style socialism and can't compete with China.

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