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  • hacker_boob hacker_boob Mar 28, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

    This is ff's stimulus plan?

    The economy grew at an annual rate of 0.4 percent in the October-December quarter, the Commerce Department said. Meanwhile trillion dollar plus annual deficits continue to mount, 50 million remain on food stamps, and the cost of disability soars. obamacare kicks in in 2014 adding to the annual deficits. National debt is expected to increase by 6.2 trillion dollars from obamacare alone. Doctors plan to retire earlier due to obamacare. The lib loon budget that came out of the democrat controlled congress calls for more spending, more taxes and more deficits. And lib loons have the gall to defend this stuff. Amazing, huh?

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    • Dude. This is not the Obama bashing board, nor is it the health care discussion page. While you're getting lost, some folks here are curious how much the (WMD) war in Iraq cost this country. We will be interested in hearing how much $$ you assign to the cost of each life lost there. While you have your finger in your rear, can you tell us on who's watch 9/11 happened, and who was in Commander In Chief presiding over the worst economic implosion since the Great Depression. Then tell us on whose watch things have turned around so that the markets are reaching new highs most every day. Then, when you're done, why don't you show us your own birth certificate, and then, wipe your stinking rear with it.
      Then, if you ever have something worthwhile to say about Newmont Mining Corp., feel free to stop by. I will have you on ignore.

    • You know the US as well as the world is in far better condition than it was when your beloved BuSh left office, well maybe a person with limited learning skills like you wouldn't. Yes, the job of digging out of the R. made mess is far more difficult than was originally thought, the D. have admitted that, of course much of this difficulty was exacerbated by the just say no R. filibustering obstructionists, even with that during President Barrack H. Obama's administration government jobs have decreased while private sector jobs have increased. Some simple changes in how corporations do business, and US trade agreements would create a better US economy, but the International Republican Party would never allow that to happen.

    • When Bush jr. and the Repubs took over a balanced bubget form Clinton their mantra was that the surplus had to go to stimulate the economy. Now they say budget balancing is the top priority. The Repubs better be carefull or people will realise that they will say anything which means they stand for nothing.

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