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  • hacker_boob hacker_boob Apr 15, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    World's socialists are begging

    Begging for capitalists to bail them out. Meanwhile, obama daily increases the costs of doing business in the US and the lib loons wonder why obama's deficits haven't stimulated anything. Lib loons are stupid, ya know. More taxes, that's what we need! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    The implementation of obamacare rapidly approaches. Doctors are retiring early. Illegal aliens are pouring into the country. Businesses, especially small businesses, are cutting their workforces. Smart businessmen are moving their businesses outside the US. Many businesses are dropping their employees' health insurance. The flight of the "corporatists" picks up steam just as obama needs them the most. Meanwhile, the idiot ff says his stimulus plan is working. Now is this an idiot or what? LOL

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    • H00ker_Maximus_Dumus is always making statements like that. So H00ker where are all the capitalist going? Tell us we want to know. Are they going to China?
      GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota America, Caterpillar Inc, Tesla and many other US companies are doing pretty good when one considers the absolute disaster gw BuSh left us in, an economy in complete free fall, the world on the brink of a greater depression. The H00ker knows P. Obama saved us from that, it just doesn't want to admit it. And one last thing Dumus it was the capitalist that mucked up the worlds economy, I remember when you had your panty's in knots whining about derivatives and the disaster they would bring on the world's economy, well #$%$ you were correct about that although there are many other Capitalist financial scams that did as much damage, so what changed your mind? A D. President?

    • Take your political garbage over to the Ford forum, it has already been destroyed by yocals like you

    • This is how it works folks. Keep the morons distracted arguing about stupid philosophies. Controllers pick both pockets at once.
      You deserve to be ruled by the criminals you allow in office becaue yyou aare to lazy to govern yourselves.
      America's beacon of light has become a flashing hazard light. A warning to the rest of the world not to let your country be overun by criminal immigrants and fat, lazy stupid people.

    • How soon you forget the Wall Street "capitalists" begging the taxpayers for a bailout. Romney paid 13% on millions of income, GE paid 0% on billions and still they cry. Maybe what they really need is a box of Depends.

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