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  • henhousehero henhousehero Apr 15, 2013 5:47 PM Flag

    $1153.00 will be the low when the crash is over.

    this would be a 40% retracement from the all time high. It may be a long time before it becomes profitable for NEM to mine again. They may as well just sell their equpment for scrap steel

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    • The good thing about this crash is, over the next 2 years you are going to rediscover the TRUE costs of mining, instead of the inflated fraudulent figures used to pad insiders pockets and evade taxes.
      That being said, NEM is in a better position than most and will simply buy up all the rest of the imitators in this business.

    • whats the cost per ounce to mine gold for a large, mature miner, such as NEM?

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      • "whats the cost per ounce to mine gold for a large, mature miner, such as NEM?


        That estimate includes reserve replacement. However, in addition to that what you want to know is what should the price of gold be in relation to all other commodities inflation adjusted . Gold has run from three hundred to over nineteen hundred, that is over six hundred percent, do you know any other commodities that have had that kind of run? And don't forget tons of gold are held in hedge funds and banks, lots of gold, How many buyers? Are there enough glen beck doomsayers to keep gold prices over twelve hundred? I think more than likely No.

        More austerity equals cheaper gold, if you are a gold bug fear deflation more than inflation.

        Until consumers have expendable cash after the cost of living, and at present I see no sign of that happening inflation won't be a problem.

      • A lot after lawsuits make you scrub 40 giga tons of soil and the Execs sneak a few hundred kilos out the back door

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