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  • forwardflash forwardflash Apr 24, 2013 11:20 PM Flag

    Swiss restricts immigration, unlike the US who wants to give illegals amnesty

    GENEVA (AP) -- The Swiss government said Wednesday it plans to restrict immigration from Western European countries starting next month, citing constant growth in the number of people coming to work in the prosperous non-European Union country."

    Just heard the two Tzarnaev Brothers were raised in the US on Welfare, what the heck is the US letting people immigrate to the US when there isn't enough work for legitimate citizens?

    If you haven't called your Senators, Representatives and the White House about the pending immigration bill, do so now, I have heard they have seventy Senators who will vote for it.

    And check out Roy Beck's NumbersUSA he is on top of the gang of eight, who put this latest amnesty bill together.

    I personally know of an Iraqi soldier who was in Saddam's army, he came to the US where he had three heart attacks, operations were all paid for by the US tax payer, he now collects a monthly Supplemental Security Income (SSI)check from uncle Sam.

    Get with it, do everything you can to get the word out, we have to stop this nonsense.

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    • Why don't you post your moronic political trash somewhere else for a while?

      You obviously have no real insightes to contribute, nothing that isn't partisan simplistic and stupid anyway.
      So why do you choose to infect this particular thread like some stubborn impossible to get rid of virus when there are so many other places a pathogen like you might infect with your off topic simple minded nonsense

    • when the white man first came to this new world they screwed over the natives.
      now they screw over the natives decendants

    • Many Americans may begin looking for a backdoor to secure themselves and their assets abroad. Is it safe to live, work, retire in the USA? Water seeks its own level. As we allow, millions to secure lives here, and share the wealth, will increasing number of Americans choose to invest abroad, either through secondary citizenship, or temporary arrangements with the longer term goal of securing their 401k's, IRA's. 403 b's what have in a country where bail-ins can't be confiscated?

      Once you secure a dual citizenship, you have more flexibility. It takes months to do this, and a lot of money, maybe $5,000 to get a dual citizenship. Travel, fees, etc. Rent first, before you buy, but even if you do purchase real estate abroad, and choose not to move their, you can probably sell at a big profit.

    • One of the things the mother of the Boston bombers did when she was allowed into the U.S. was to shop lift $1600 worth of clothes, then she jumped bail and when back to Russia, lol. Our immigration policies are literally insane. The Washington politiians are following Winston chuchill dictum, the truth must be protected by a body guard of lies. So called imigration reform is nothing but amnesty.

    • Along with putting an end to the second ammendment, another neocommmie dem wet dream.

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