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  • therealrealjuniormagoo therealrealjuniormagoo May 28, 2014 1:04 PM Flag

    burger flippers


    are about to lose their jobs...get back to work, or we will find someone who will do your job for less.

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    • what about the yahoo stock board sibbles, like jim mac from palos verdes, the beagle group and that henhouse guy my oz contact says is a "wog". whatever that means.

      five cents a post is five cents a post. i don't know what it is in shillings.

    • That is the problem you R. have run out of people who will work for less than a living wage. South Americans came here to better themselves not to work and live in poverty, if that was all they wanted they could have saved themselves the tempting death trip across the southern deserts.

      I'd like to know where all the good jobs the R. promised us, with reagan's deregulated financial sector, and so called free trade service based economy. He was 10% correct, the rich did get far richer but the trickle down didn't happen. Typical ReptileCon thinking, the only question is how much longer will the average American will take the Butt F__g without lube.

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      • Dumbarse. So Ray-gun dunnit, bushdunnit, duh gopers dunnit, all without resistance or intervening neocommie administrations as in like bubba's tenure the jimbo carter mess four years of a hope and change super majority never happened then, the courts miraculously on their own becoming packed with leftist activist judges colleges loaded with brainwashing tenured marxist professors, government bloat and rampant authoritarian soviet style central planning government expansion with unelected czars with unconstitional authority the power of potentates bestowed upon regulatory agencies, obummacare rammed down the throats of a majority satisfied with their health care in the most duplicitous underhanded back room deal making fashion peddled with lies and subterfuges never happened then. Right, you silly uneducated run at the mouth dimwitted simpleton?

      • You brain dead uneducated obumma worshipping zombified partisan fool.

      • Don't know what happened to BO's "shovel-ready jobs" either. Woulda been cheaper to have handed out thousands cash to people at random.

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