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  • blademan60527 blademan60527 Jun 4, 2014 7:59 AM Flag

    With all this talk of minimum wage requirements

    another unfunded burden upon businesses mandated by big nanny, how bout we talk about minimum requirements to run for public office, be a federal bureaucrat or hold any legislative or judicial position (all too often the same thing), eh?
    Seems only reasonable since they control so much of our lives and place so many requirements upon us while living in comfortable insulation off the public dime.

    For instance:
    a. To have at some time attended a public school and to have enrolled one's children in one.

    b. To have held a real job outside government and or served in the military.(preferably both) and demonstrated a reasonable level of competence at it.

    C. To have survived on a paycheck from b. and to have regularly paid one's own bills, balanced one's own checkbook, paid one's own taxes rather than being subsidized by same, lived in an unguarded, ungated, racially mixed community while doing one's own commuting, one's own shopping, paid for one's own gas heat and electricity. Regularly mingled with the populace. Waited in lines at the grocery store, paying with one's own money while being thus made to observe the numbers of others exchanging food stamps often for luxury items and in quantities he or she may not themselves have been able to afford.

    d. Walk a beat or ride in a patrol car in a problem neighborhood with police officers, work one week in a welfare office, another in a hospital emergency room in a major city, serve as a substitute teacher for one week in an inner city school.

    As a sort of basic training, a thing required by every military branch, police and fire department.

    Considering the power these people routinely exercise over *our* lives?
    Seems only reasonable to me.

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    • I might have added: to have also in some fashion been exposed to the criminal justice system other than as a personal injury lawyer (aka #$%$) or litigant (aka also a #$%$) via some I burned my tongue on uh bowl uh soup, jabbed my eye with a pencil or I sprained my wrist an' got whiplash plus multiple contusions and now have nightmares and wet the bed alluh time cuz there was no instruction booklet with the jar uh pickles I tried tuh open when I inadvertantly turned the lid the wrong way then as a result fell off my chair, rolled down the stairs and out the door an' into traffic and got run over by two taxis and a city garbage truck law suit. Or as a civil liberties lawyer bullying a minority agenda like taking prayer outta Christian churches and Jewish temples, expelling students for saying grace in public school cafeterias or not providing facilities with handicapped entrance and egress access for club footed ukranian midgets with a peanut allergy who might suddenly need to use a restroom on an amusement park roller coaster.

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