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  • zbuzz1970 zbuzz1970 Mar 6, 2009 7:57 PM Flag

    For Those Who Voted For HIM!!


    If you look closely, Amgen has been largely supported by tax dollars from the beginning. Medicare pays for supportive care in kidney dialysis and it's a big bill. That's why Amgen is always lobbying for reimbursement from CMS.

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    • Hey so I remember that in the U.S 5% of the people had 95% of the wealth and the rest was left for the remaining 95% of the population. I think now is 98% and 2% but I know those 2% really deserve that kind of wealth, I mean, the former CFO of ENRON probably worked twice as hard as any illegal immigrant.

      "Although North America has only 6% of the world adult population, it accounts for 34% of household wealth"

      And even then it doesn't even make the top ten in terms of quality of life, is way below many "socialist" countries.

      But hey, it was time to bring Fascism back (well I guess it never left), by the way do we still get our phone lines tagged in the best interest of the nation?

      "Fascist movements oppose any ideology or political system that gives direct political power to people as individuals rather than as a collective nation or race (individualism, liberalism, representative democracy); that is deemed detrimental to national identity and unity (communism, class conflict, internationalism, laissez-faire capitalism, non-nationalist and class-conflict oriented labour movements); that protects and empowers people deemed weak and degenerate (egalitarianism) and that undermine the military strength and military ambitions of the nation (pacifism). "

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