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  • thebookstar1 thebookstar1 Nov 15, 2012 6:44 PM Flag


    When is Cramer going to go back into the used car business where he got his start? With multiple SEC slaps on the hand over over the years, this guy just goes on and on with pumping and hyping one individual stock at a time in after hours trading to get a little profit and dumping into the histaria he creates with clever hype lines about the company he's pumping? Today's hype is Amgen and the stocks been pushed in price by a buck in after-hours by his buddies, the market makers who price shares on a minute by minute basis. Chances are, this is just another pop and dump stock like Apple and Google and Amazon and Facebook and, and, and, etc... How many of these hyped stocks has Cramer pumped over the past year? I lost count at 27 and guess how many are higher today, November 15th, 2012? The answer: 4 Not Apple, not Google, not 23 of the 27, just 4 and it's so horrible of a record that I'm amused, just watching the #$%$ chase these one hour hypester stocks in after hours. Cramer's biggest failure...APPLE. My guess, AMGEN will be his 2nd worst call in the next 2 weeks.

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    • Well, that's great! Let him pump it all he wants. The more the better.

    • I'm the last person in the world to defend Cramer, but he has been touting AAPL for about as long as I can remember and from a much lower price. On the other hand, he was touting AMGN at around 80 about a dozen years ago just before it plunged to the 30's. Somewhere along the way he said to sell it, but that was only after it was down substantially. He also said to stay away from it when it was near its low. The bottom line is that anyone who follows Cramer's hypes is a total fool, and you know what happens to a fool and his money. No matter how you look at it, CRAMER IS THE KISS OF DEATH!

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      • Someone mentioned Adam F. who truly has his own agenda and quite frankly shouldn`t be advising anyone on Bio Tech stocks. As for Jim and "mad money" the show is more comedy than anything. Jim seems to tell people about stocks that have already peaked. He brings on CEO~s that are a step above convicts. Its a shame CNBC hasn`t learned its lesson,but when you`re over medicated and yell and scream it does seem to bring ratings and CNBC needs all the help it can get! Notice how David Faber has recently stepped in to tame and control Jim from his sudden outbursts!?!

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    • The global central bank printing race has made everybody a winner. And the flood of free money looks to turn into a deluge as each nation tries to out-debauch the others' currencies.

    • thats not is defintely up as is goodle and while i am not pushing cramer....i don't agree with you

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