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  • jetsjr5656 jetsjr5656 Jan 23, 2011 4:52 PM Flag


    I have to think many on this board have interests in Treasure Island. Friday, a large number of shares (as compared to normal) traded. Anyone willing to share their thoughts on this? Seemed out of the norm as to price direction as well.

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    • I understand "one starring" inappropriate and unrelated posters. TI was established by EEX & Newfield back in 2002. Anyone with interest in MMR should have at least a passing interest in TISDZ. it IS the Ultra Deep. It was the geologists back at EEX that first believed this play was out there and JB, like most successful businessmen, is developing a previous good idea. If this concept works, especially the more recent low temp and pressure below salt plays, TI owners stand to be first in line to the tune of 1.25%. So, fine, I understand not wanting this to turn into a TISDZ board... But with the overwhelming commitment MMR has made to these properties, BBW, BBE, LAFITTE, and maybe CALICO JACK, it deserves mention and some discussion. Long time owner of all three MMR, EXXI, TISDZ. All three bring different perspectives to the Ultra Deep gulf.

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