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  • aconfedercyofdunces aconfedercyofdunces Mar 30, 2012 4:40 PM Flag

    Couple of Q's ~Opinions sought

    I would think that e/one here had/has their own personal expectations of the increase in PPS of MMR with a successful FlowTest ( 50 mmcf's or more) And, prior to the events of last week, had a higher PPS from which the expected increase would begin. Probably $12.75 to maybe $13.75. Not unreasonable IMO. So, if the PPS prior to a PR announcing a successful FT was $13 and one expected a $3 increase, thus $16, do you still have that price as an expectation now. Or whatever one's personal expectation was.

    I think that whatever it was pretty much has to be reduced some. Not at all sure a successful FT PR can push PPS up $5 plus. I personally had $17 as an expectation but from a $13 or so base. Maybe it can make up the loss in PPS still. I know MMR did NOT have a failed FT, but a failed attempt to FT. Major difference but not all take the time to notice. So, that is what I am asking opinions of. If it is a stupid Q, I am certain I will hear that!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, I think MMR ER/CC is due on the 17th of this month. What are the odds that they will be able to announce FT results. God knows JRM would hate to not be able to do so by then but time is ............ ticking again. They did move pretty darn fast when the P Gun failed @ E sands. 2 days later they were ready to test D sands. But again a P Gun failure. Maybe JB should have called his wells after Angels instead of Pirates:) Someone has put the serious Gris-Gris on DJ1 ( gris-gris is an old NO voodoo phrase, putting a curse on someone/thing.

    And of course if they know sooner they should and will announce even if JB would probably at this time to have the stage @ the CC to proclaim.



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