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  • bonnielessman bonnielessman Nov 25, 2012 6:52 PM Flag

    you guys are pulling your pud

    mmr should say some thing every one should call

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    • you happen to make a very good point.. i think cub wil be over 50 this week after news release.. angle is very very cheap is a take over canadate at this price . do you think it would be smart to sell mmr and buy exxxi instead watch cub next week thnx

    • You're absolutely correct! We could have all gotten insanely rich by now just by buying those great penny (sub-penny?) stocks that you tout so highly. Wasn't KUB.V supposed to be $2+ by now instead of still hanging in the 42 cent range? Or we could have bought Banker's Petroleum when you suggested it on Aug 9 at $2.67 since it's doing great at $2.50.

      How about one of your "favorite plays"? Angle Energy from Jan 4 @ $6.87 - that one was an explosive stock that closed Friday @ $3.34. Excellent profit on that one.

      Keep up the great work, bonnie; I love reading the Sunday comics.