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  • qqqqtrdr qqqqtrdr Aug 5, 2012 10:12 AM Flag

    PC Sales Increasing

    There has been talk of PC Sales declining... Here's evidence of an increase... Working in high tech, I do see increases across the board in electronics, from PCs to mobile devices... People are taking longer to upgrade. Windows XP and earlier PCs represent about half of the PCs still in use... Users of these devices are usually frustrated, but cannot yet afford to upgrade... They will be upgrading soon which should help Logitech.

    On the downside for more sales, my logitech mice, keyboards last for a long time, and I don't need to buy new ones when I upgrade..

    The move to Windows 8 should be interesting. With Microsoft planning a media blitz on it's release and it appears they have really tested this release ( I hope ), it should help spur Sales. I have an XP machine, which I will upgrade to Windows 8 providing it is successful after the first month... I'm almost sure Microsoft will not require and much faster machine to upgrade from Win7 to Win8 this time around....

    Also, I do not see yet families giving up there PC's for tablets.. I do see Tablets becoming a personal device, and PCs becoming family oriented.... That is a family household of 5 will have 1-2 PC's, 1-2 Notebooks/Ultra, 1-2 Tablets, 2-3 Mobile phones for their computing needs... I do not see this changing. Families like a large screen computer at home which lends itself to a Desktop of some fashion...

    Logitech seems to fit into all these niches in some form or fashion, and seems to be on the right track... They hopefully will work with Apple and Microsoft to build more accessories for the OEMs so users will have to use their gear right at the get go...

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