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  • swisslakes swisslakes Oct 28, 2012 8:25 AM Flag

    7 Windows 8 Concerns, top category players Intel, Logitech, Microsoft opportunits & threats

    Windows 8 uncertainty

    1- Is it Windows 8 Tablet VS Windows 8 Ultrabook or PC?

    2-Is it Windows 8 Intel based Tablet VS Windows RT ARM based Tablet?

    3-iPad/Android tablet VS Windows 8 PCs?

    4-Ipad/Android tablet VS Windows 8 Tablet ?

    5-Accessories need for Windows 8 Tablet?

    6-Does Windows 8 attract rush to upgrades or not?

    7-Is PC sales & accessories drop in July-September Qtr a trend?

    What happen last 3 Qtrs

    it seems the drop in PC happened in the last Qtr while 1st and 2nd Qtr of 2012 almost flat due to mainly Windows 8 OS and Windows 8 new form factor buzz of Ultrabooks and tablets

    is it ipad or Android tablets that put people off, maybe it diverted some of money short term to Tablets, but still ipad and Android can't give us the full PC experience.

    i believe at a point 4.5-5.2" Smartphones will cannibalize tablets especially the 7" version

    Last Qtr:

    most likely A Qtr Before any major new OS update RETAILERS reduce their inventory buildup from old OS devices and accessories

    anticipating Consumers drop in demand as consumers postponed their buying decision (that happen even for Apple, some people put off buying ipads and iphones before a leak of a new device) in case of Windows, the trial version their for many Qtrs and the date where almost known.

    and sell through by vendors to retailers drop to the minimum

    and production drop as uncertain New devices mix in case of Windows 8 (desktop, notebook, tablet, ultrabook,etc) with new form factors introduced

    Thst is why the three top players in their field were uncertain , Intel and Microsoft and Logitech

    for Intel and AMD

    The Threat is direct from ARM based CPU to X86 Intel & AMD architect, not only ARM in iPads, Android tablets and new Chromebooks notebooks but also in Windows 8 RT Tablets

    for Microsoft

    is Windows 8 tablets capable of stopping ipad and android tablets? by giving touch experience and also productive mouse/keyboard/MS Office, that is the main confrontation

    and also could Windows 8 Ultrabooks and all in one desktops take back market share from Macs in the US?

    For Logitech

    They had a shock when the mouse dropped last qtr and OEMs didn't put new orders due to the product mix concern, all conservative until mix is clear

    so as they said in CC, they play outlook Conservative

    I see the main uncertainty for Logitech if the Windows 8 Tablets or Ultrabooks hybrids could stop iPad growth

    Although Logitech is doing a great job in Ipads accessories and more expected to come but iPads doesn't support mouse or USB ports which limit the sales of accessories to mainly keyboards and bluetooth/Airplay wireless speakers.

    As Windows 8 Tablets & Ultrabooks alongside keyboards and wireless bluetooth also support Mouse and USB ports(more accessories options), also MS office that is a catalyst for input devices VS touch

    As Logitech was successful in Notebooks, it could replicate the same success in tablets and we saw how successful they did for the iPad.

    Also Windows 8 new portable devices like Tablets, Smartphones and Ultrabooks support Bluetooth which will be a catalyst for the new brand Logitech UE for Music (the successor of Ultimate Ears company/brand)

    This Qtr challenge is to be agile to divert resources on time to the Windows 8 Space that will pick up demand, is it the Tablets or Ultrabook/Notebook or Desktop/All-in-One

    at the end of the day , Windows 8 tablets are PCs hardware and software

    Stregnth of Windows 8
    This time it is not just a new OS update, a PARTIAL major change in OS and devices used for it

    -It is still a Windows that we used to with Mouse and Keyboard and Icons, files, etc

    -it is still a Windows that run on a PC: Desktop, All in One, Notebook, Netbook & New Ultrabooks, all PCs that needs Mouse and keyboards and speakers, etc

    -Windows 8 Intel/AMD CPU back compatible with previous Window applications and Logitech accessories as announced on Logitech site

    -Windows 8 RT ARM CPU is not compatible with previous application (only till now i know new MS Office) and Apps on MS Store, while still support Mouse, keyboard and USB port

    -touch is a great addition to Tablets, Smarphones and Hybrid Ultrabooks/notebooks

    Anti Windows 8 claims

    1-There is no Start Windows button & the New Modern UI/live tiles is confusing

    but you could download a 3rd part Apps that could bring it back

    2-Touch is unpractical on a PC

    you still have the full functionality of the Keyboard and Mouse to do it the ergonomic and practical way

    3-touchscreens are more expensive without value in PC applications

    But you could have a non touchscreen affordable PCs with mouse and keyboard which i expect to be a dominant in the huge emerging markets and people whom already got Tablets with touch

    Also the new logitech touchpad that replicate the Windows 8 touchscreen gestures and mouse functionality, also other touch mice

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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