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  • swisslakes swisslakes Nov 30, 2012 11:47 AM Flag

    Windows 7 PC on shelfs hinder short term Windows 8 PC, while accessories will sell for both even tablets

    1-After +4 weeks of Windows 8, retailers still with Windows 7 PC on shelf.

    Short term license upgradeable Windows 8 software to sell and affect Windows 8 PC until Windows 7 PC inventory deplete

    That is probably a reason that Microsoft announced +40 million Licensed Windows 8 sold while less flashy numbers for Windows 8 PCs predicted in this short period

    Windows 7 when launched after the less successful Windows Vista so the comparison between Windows 8 & Windows 7 is irrelevant short term

    2-There are many Bashing articles immediately after Windows 8 which i believe were unfounded, as Windows 8 easy to learn, enjoyable to use, with option of mouse/keyboard & touch, one OS for tablets & PC

    the Articles start to be positives

    3-Windows RT confused consumer VS Windows 8

    while Microsoft launched the limited Windows RT Surface Tablet which gives bad impression while they should had started by Windows 8 Pro Surface tablet

    4-CES 2013 on Jan 8th so by then people will see more Windows 8 PC designs and accessories
    For Logitech, Tablets & Ultrabooks will need accessories like Notebooks and desktops as comes with no mouse or keyboard or proper speaker, etc

    while Microsoft's Windows 8 Tablets and Ultrabooks also Google next Gen Android tablets & Chromebooks notebooks will boost accessories

    soon Logitech's Mac accessories

    While all Windows 8 & Windows 7 devices sell this qtr and next years will need keyboards, pointing accessories, gaming accessories, Music/voice/video accessories

    we will see

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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