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  • swisslakes swisslakes Dec 6, 2012 12:59 PM Flag

    Bits & pieces by Logitech's CEO @ NASDAQ OMX 29th Investor Program Conference - yesterday

    “So, I’m very bullish in China”

    “The total amount of inventory in Europe and in U.S. is very appropriate”

    “But then the two core things are how we protect the profitability of the PC peripherals and how we develop new businesses around tablets and around music. We have introduced great products recently in both, some of them being tremendously successful.”

    “We haven’t done as well in terms of innovation and meaningful value add in mice until this generation of touch-enabled mice. And we’ll see how they go. I believe that they bring our mice business back to where it should be.”

    “LifeSize is kind of a different animal. LifeSize is a very precious asset that we kept separate from the operation of Logitech……However, we understand that LifeSize is not a natural part of the portfolio. And so we kept it separate for this reason. It will resume growth. It would be a great asset for our shareholders and we’ll keep our options open.”

    “people will get familiar with Windows 8 and appreciate the seamlessness across multiple platforms. So tend to agree with the Seagate comment and I believe that the short-term catalyst for PC sales is going to be more the attractiveness of the new PCs.”

    “Which gives an unusually large opportunity to the most traditional business let’s take as long as we transform it from a scroll wheel-based navigation to a touch-based navigation. As I said, we have three products out. They’ve seem to be doing fine. So that could be the next best thing that happened to the core PC business of Logitech, yeah.”

    “There is also an opportunity for desktop class peripherals that actually fit, when you use your tablet as your productivity device at home.”

    “So both Windows 8 and Android support drivers for navigation devices be that mice and touchpads, et cetera.”
    “the total cost saving is accomplished through the combination of headcount reductions which we already did. And that’s probably 60% to 65% of the cost saving. And then cost savings in other areas with elimination of projects, elimination of management layers and stuff like that which we will both accomplish by the end of the year….This year we have sort of banked some of these reductions and have invested and invested in music and invested in tablets but as we exit this year, we believe that the run rate of $80 million would be visible in the results.”

    for transcript,check Seeking alpha site

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • "bullish" "very appropriate" "great products recently" "tremendously successful.” " very precious asset" "It will resume growth." "doing fine"

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • from these remarks & other CCs i see Logitech 2013 strategy as follows,

      Logitech will focus on the three major companies eco-systems, Microsoft, Apple & Google when it comes to keyboards, touchpads and mice (Windows 8, Android/Chromebooks, iOS & OSX)

      Tablets will be treated as PC with desktop accessories for productivity and that cover Windows 8 and Android which will obvious with next Office suites that also expect for Android that will turn it to a PC (Android support mouse unlike ipad)

      more touch accessories that works for PC and Tablets expected

      Logitech UE will grow and go globally across various channels, so more expected maybe at CES 8 January 2013?

      from previous CC, Ultrabooks accessories expected.

      from other i expect more products from Logitech for Business around Lync conference 2013.

    • What really could be super catalyst in 2013 are Android Tablets and that why these comments by CEO, reasons:

      unlike iPad, Android Tablets support navigation devices like mouse, touchpad, USB. which could be upgraded platform to not just consuming bu also Productive...

      Android is free so keep tablets cheaper and user with extra cash to buy accessories

      Android 5 soon

      MS Office for Android rumors....tick tock

      Logitech has some Android Tablet accessories that could build on..ahead of other 3rd party unlike ipad 3rd party accessories maker where ahead to come-up with products

      most Android Tablets comes with no keyboard, no mouse, no related speakers

      Android universal accessories open ecosystem potential like Windows historical accessories unlike Apple's OSs only on Apple devices & control

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The CEO tone start to be positive?

      "bullish" "very appropriate" "great products recently" "tremendously successful.” " very precious asset" "It will resume growth." "doing fine"

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